Ankle Problem - Peroneal Tendon?

I have a pain just above my the inside of my left ankle which is ok for walking around.. but as soon as I run on it I get a sharp pain there.

This started as a dull ache when I switched shoes from neutral to shoes to correct an over pronating left foot. From the video analysis the Asics seemed to do the trick in straightening the foot nicely, however the prevention of this movement seems to have started this problem. (they have done a fantastic job in clearing up the shin splints I've had for months!)

From looking around it is almost certainly the Peroneal tendon that is affected - though I understand this is normally caused from over-pronation!

Does anyone have any experience of this? Am supposed to be doing the GNR in a few weeks so a bit panicky about either resting it or running on it! I'm currently 34 running three times a week (and swimming twice) at around 4-5 miles a time and have been running since Feb.

And yes I would love to go to podiatrist, but funds really won't stretch that far at the moment, so that might have to wait until Xmas. :(


  • Rest it. Sounds like a prob I've got. I had a spot of PF and tried to train through it. Ended up with some high ankle problems that makes it difficult to walk. No choice, I have to rest. Mara on 2 Sept, my first, and this is not in plan!

    Don't be heroic, rest and get better.
  • Was thinking of just swimming for a couple of weeks to keep up the fitness and keeping off it and seeing how it goes..
  • umm peroneal tendons are on the outside of the ankle,

    yours are more likely to be posterior shin splints
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    I don't know if this is any help, but I had a similar problem a couple of years ago - stopped me running for three weeks. Turned out to be a slightly misalligned fibula (one of the bones of the lower leg), my sports therapist diagnosed it and manipulated it back into position (gentle sideways rotation of the foot), producing instant remedy on the couch.

    On the other hand a year later the same guy failed to identify a collapsed sacroilliac joint leading to an almost wasted year of running.

    Is suppose what it comes down to is that the diagnosis and treatment of injury is far from an exact science.

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