Foot injury

I've posted before about my foot injury but I think I know what it is now, I think I've damaged my 5th metatarsal.

Reading a few things off the net the symptoms are exactly what I've got.

I don't think I've broken it as I can put weight on it and walking seems to help it, plus I stupidly ran a 5k race on it.

Anyone else done this ? what was the treatment ?

I'm really fed up as I was really starting to improve and now all I can see is a long layoff as all the articles say that the area has low blood supply so takes ages to heal :(



  • Go and get an Xray.

    I've bust mine before - you haven't done that as theres no way you could run on it.

    You may have a small fracture though - and you won't know until you get the X ray.

    Are your shoes too tight ? I used to get pain in the side of my foot when I ran in Mizunos - then i got the wider fitting New Balance and they're really comfy.
  • I agree - you need to see an expert. Even on an x-ray it is often difficult to detect.

    When I did mine I had to lay off the running for about two months.

    Mine was still sore after that but the consultant said it had healed and I gradually built up the distance, trying to stick to soft surfaces - think the pain at the end may have been a bit of scar tissue.
  • Steve if you try and struggle through on it, you will prolong the healing process. Stop messing around and get it sorted. Would Paula try and ignore a twinge or would she get it sorted straight away ?

    The quicker its sorted - the quicker you'll be back.
  • Thanks everyone :) went to casualty this morning I've wrenched the tendon and caused splinters of bone to break off the metatarsal.

    So I'm in plaster but at least its being treated now, doctor was really good and explained everything that was going on in the x-ray really thouroughly which was very reassuring, think it helped that he was a runner and could see how gutted I was.

    Feel a bit silly for racing on it now though oops!!

    Thanks again
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