Ashford 10K

A great day last year. Good course, good weather and a pb to boot.

Everyone else looking forward to it ??


  • No - I didn't know it was on this year as I have not been given numerous entry forms, and it does not appear to be listed in Runner's World itself!
  • Yeah, I know what you mean. They were very late in publicising the race and it isn't in the RW mag yet.

    Perhaps they are super-confident of filling the race anyway ? Based on previous year's numbers maybe that's the right approach !

    Shame if people did miss out as it is my favourite Kent 10k.
  • I've entered this as I enjoyed last years event. my only gripe was that nobody seemed to pay attention to the placement markers last year, I stood at the start for a 42ish min time and there were hundreds in front of me. This led to quite a frustrating first 3k weaving in and out of other runners. Shall I just ignore the markings this year? Am I just a grumpy old git?
  • Quite a few people were "optimistic" in their starting places last year and I got caught up in the bottleneck getting out of the stadium.

    I'll certainly be nearer the front this time. Mind you I hope to get round quicker too ! It all seemed to clear once we were out of the stadium though as the first road you run along was quite wide.
  • I'm sure they've made that road outside the stadium longer since the days of the old Julie Rose 10K from the Stour Centre!
  • I'm in. On-line entries now available. First time for this one.

    Andy - you obviously survived intact from the Kent Coastal Half... I'm hoping this shorter distance won't agravate my ITB quite so much!
  • Gents, Yes apologies we were a bit late in launching the race this year. But if you've run this before then I hope by now you've received our entry forms.

    However, it's now very simple to enter and pay on-line.

    It's the 20th Anniversary this year, so we would love to see you there.

    Point taken about the 'finish time markers' at the start, I'll make them bigger this year!

    Paul Jakeman
  • Ooh... This is sooo depressing. I love the Ashford 10k but I live in China now so I definitely won't be taking part.

    This was my first ever race a few years back... It felt like such a long way at the time, and I cried at the finish line.

    I enjoyed it so much though, that I went on to run hundreds of other races, including marathons, half marathons, 10ks etc.

    I hope the weather is fine and everyone has a great morning.

    Andrew B2 - I agree... The road gets longer every year!!!
  • Paul - yes I can vouch for the ease of on-line entry. Far easier than some!!!
  • ((Moose))... we'll think of you! And I hope this gets me on route to "hundreds of other races" ... this will be my first 10K!
  • Hey, enjoy it PSC!!! Ashford 10k is a great first 10k race. Scenic and interesting, slightly undulating without being too difficult, and a great mixture of abilities.

    What time does it start nowadays? I remember when it used to be the Ashford 10k breakfast run and started at silly o'clock in the morning... Aaaarrghh!!!

    I was so glad when they scrapped that idea! I don't do early mornings!!!
  • cheers Moose - haven't checked the start time, but as it is only 8 miles up the road from where we live it shouldn't matter too much!!
  • Pit Stop Crew - I just about survived the Thanet half - suffering from ITB strain too ! My knee started to really play up at about 9.5 miles and I jogged in.

    Still finished in 1.40 so didn't beat myself up too much.

    I did this 10k last year and it defintely had pb potential. I remember some nice downhill stretches at about 2k and 6k with a great finish in the stadium.

    I am having a few weeks rest to sort the knee out and will hopefully be ready for this one (and the Quicksand 15 the week before !!)
  • We are starting at 10.00 again this year, as I don't think anyone enjoyed the breakfast runs! Not least all of us that arrived at 6 to set up.

    I'm always looking to improve the race, so please feel free to email ( or use this forum if you think anything could/should be changed.

    Be as candid as you like.
  • Good luck at Quicksand Andy.. I'm going to have a quiet week and see how the knees are... I did 2hr 5mins which I was chuffed with as it was my first half mara (only took up this crazy sport in late spring this year)!! Gives me a 2 hr barrier to break next time i do a half!!

    This will be my first 10k so I'm certain I will get a PB... LOL.

    See you there - I'll be the one with the inane grin lurking along some way behind you by the sounds of it.
  • Paul,

    As it gets dark earlier in the evenings, we spend more and more time running on the streets in town - why did you switch back into town as you had such an attractive rural route for your race?
  • Pit Stop Crew - Thanet half was my first half-marathon last year. It's a tough half made even tougher by the windy conditions this year. Last year we had no wind but really high temperatures. I have also done Dover (Feb) and Dartford (July).

    This one is a great 10k to start with. Not many hills, large field of runners and the stadium start and finish are nice touches.

    Paul - only comment about the race is what someone said earlier in the thread about people's choice of starting position slowing other runners down. Not sure if there is an answer though as it seems to happen at every large event !!
  • Andrew, the main reason to change the route was quite simply 'sponsorship'. The race was declining in numbers and we were at risk of having to close it, as the sponsors were not getting value.
    So we moved it to a later start time - changed the route to attract more runners and more supporters and have invested in bigger prizes, online entries etc
    Agreed, it's not as attractive but we hope it's a reasonable compromise.

    Andy - I'll make the signs bigger to stop the natural 'creep forward' at the start and I'll make an announcement to help get people in the right starting place.
  • Yeah... I'd forgotten about the change of route.

    I used to really like the old route (although I swear it was a bit short of 10k) cos I always used to shave 5 minutes from my time depsite the hills. It was very scenic.

    The new route is great for the spectators though. It is much less lonely running the new route. It always helps to have people cheering you on.

    Although that long hill from the town centre towards the M20 is evil!!!

  • This was my first 10k race that I did last year...looking forward to doing it again this number came through the post yesterday along with a letter from the hospital for a small operation that I need.....yes it is the week before the 10k ....I will not be fit enough to do the feeling a bit peed.

    I am impressed by the NHS as they told me it would take at least 6-8 weeks before the appointment comes has only taken 2 weeks ....oh well ....I will be there supporting all you runners as my sister and our other running friends will be taking good luck to you all and if you see a little sullen looking person who looks fed up it will be me.

    Lynn :)
  • Thanks for your response, Paul. Other commitments mean I won't be there this year, but I hope all goes well for you - and I look forward to seeing you all again in 2007.
  • Paul - I have received my number and note that it is chip timing. To clarify - is this to record runners crossing the start line and finish line or just to record crossing the finish line?

    Many thanks.

  • hi- i entered this race, online around 2 weeks ago-as of today (4th oct) i have'nt yet received my number- is there a problem this year?
  • Hi sorry for the delay, been hectic.

    Jamie - you should have received your race number by now, as they were sent out earlier in the week.

    redordead - Chip timing may well cover the start and finish, why do you ask?

    Look forward to seeing you on the day

  • I'll be there :)

    Hope it's a bit less wet & windy than at the moment though!
  • Tiger - forecast is sunny intervals and with much less wind than today.

    Conditions were excellent last year so let's hope for a repeat.
  • I'm #268... see you all on the start!
  • Good luck JJ & PSC
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