Ashford 10K



  • i will be there as well its now my local race been meaning to do this for years but first time got round to it
  • I don't know who you mean JJ ...
    BTW Snoop's running as well ;-)

    X before I think, I might be a bit worse for wear afterwards!
  • I'm number 11. The extremely low number has nothing to do with my running ability - more to do with the early entry !!
  • Great race. Many thanks to all the organisers, marshalls etc for a stunning event. My first 10k and a 48:46 (Garmin recorded) time which I'm thrilled with as I was expecting 50-55.

    Heres jonny - I didn't realise it was you at the time, but it was me trying to clear my throat at about 4kms.... your pat on the back did the trick. Cheers...

    Will be back next year!
  • you got stronger towards the end psc unfortunatley i didnt pb but on my watch i equalled it to the second thats a great time for your first 10k well done
  • A big thanks to the organisers - one of the best run 10Ks I have ever done - especially the closed roads all the way round!

    Many many thanks,

  • Just over 39 mins for me - well chuffed considering I have been recovering from a knee injury. Beat previous PB by 1m 30secs.

    I echo redordead's comments - fantastic organisation, great course. Well done everyone who raced and everyone who organised.

    I'll be back next year !!
  • Hi All,

    Thanks for your comments, glad you enjoyed the race.

    You can now get full result and some pictures on the website

    Best regards
  • i agree very well run event by all the volunteers
  • Well done to Paul and your team, I thought as well it was extremely well marshalled and a great service to get the results up on the same day. I'm rather relieved to see my photo's not up there!!

  • Thank you Ashford !!

    30 seconds off my last 10k a pb, 46.23 - wonder how long I can keep it up? My next 10k will be the other ashford one in Feb 2007, but I'll have my first half marathon on the 29 of this month in Folkestone to see if I can get last year's shin splints back - boy, do I miss them cheery little fellows ;-)
  • I won't be at Maidstone this year JJ, same day as Abingdon. Maidstone is my half mara PB course set last year. It's definitely up for targeting though, and I'm planning a Spring offensive at Paddock Wood :-)

    I was pleased with my time, not near Brighton last year (just like you!) but I've been on slow long runs for a while and shin splints through the summer didn't help. It was good to have the opportunity to have a good fast run today!

  • Thanks for a good race. It was so refreshing to do race with closed roads locally. Well Done!!!

    Can I ask about the position of the timing ariel compared to the finish line. It seems that it timing system did not beep until we were under the ariel, which was about 3 metres beyond the finish banner. Was I just imagining this? Or were the beeps for the people behind who finished just after me.


  • David - no you're right. There is actually 6ft between the finish banner and the 'official' finish line. Not ideal I know. But the finish banner is attached to a metal stand which interferes with the time recorder.
    We do have recorders as back to up ensure places are mixed up between.
    best regards
  • Cheers Paul

    It might be worth having some Corex 'Finish' Signs on the 'actual' line, as I almost gave up the ghost under the banner :-)


  • we might reverse it next year which would probably be easier for everyone (i.e have the 'time recorder' first and the finish banner a few feet later
  • Paul,

    Yes, thnat would work as well.

    Cheers for a good race all in all...

  • Interesting view on the race on
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