New piccy

OK. I've uploaded my new piccy. Hot and sweaty at the end of the FLM.

Snicks, your turn!!

Laura, I'm still waiting.

Blue Knees, stop hiding and show yourself too. BTW nobody knows yet how many posts I've made so don't go letting on. Also, it's been a bit slack the last couple of days. That's my excuse anyway!!

All the best,



  • Jeremy/Sean

    Can we have a count so we can keep a track of Ratbag.

    Re the picture RB, thats the best I can do, besides Snicks likes the shade of blue

    My sons (nearly two) has taken to running and saying "tom runnin daddy". Perhaps I'll take a picture of him instead.
  • RB,

    Nice photo, but preferred the other one I reckon!!!

    What's happened to Laura and Snicks?!
  • DW,

    Not sure but I believe Snicks is sending something to Blue Knees an Laura is bottling it. Maybe Laura is really a man or something. It's very disappointing. We all get brave and put the photos up but some just don't go for it.

    BTW, what IS the off the shoulder number you have in your pic??
  • Snicks was having file conversion problems yesterday but that doesn't mean she was necessarily going to send me anything.

    DW. You look like a Roman gladiator with the shoulder thingy. Are you taking over as Kit man from the Lamb
  • RB,

    Perhaps we should start referring to Laura as a 'he' until she, sorry 'he' gets her, sorry 'his' photo up!?!?

    The off-the-shoulder number is simply a vest made to look this way by the photograph (the other shoulder is just out of view). I think it's rather fetching though - might wear something similar for next year!!!

    Blue Knees, yes I am taking over from the Lamb. Does seeing that vest make you a bit nervous about me having this sort of responsiblity?! I'm sure Wasp Sports can knock something similar up for you if you'd like!?
  • DW,

    I put something on the old site on the Lambs
    kit thread. Can we all get a discount from Wasp Sports. I was trying to offer help without standing on other poeples toes
  • Mike,

    Just had a look at the other forum. Can you reiterate your question as I'm a bit confused? Are you asking if we can get a discount from Wasp Sports for the next order of vests? I would imagine Lamb has already negotiatated the best rate available from Wasp, but I might have got the wrong end of the stick.

    I don't think you're treading on anyone's toes at all BTW. All help and constructive suggestions are very welcome.
  • Sorry for the confusion DW,

    I wasn't sure if the discount just applied to our club tops or general running gear. If its just tops then I was offering to see if we can get a deal elsewhere on general kit. If it is general kit as well it would be worth putting this on a new thread so everyone knows about it.

    Are you going to Switzerland this year?
  • Absolutely no chance of getting any more pics of me on this website! Thanks for the offer of help though Blue Knees. Don't believe DW, he was wearing an off the shoulder Cocktail dress at the Hillingdon Half. RB, so that's what you look like when you're hot and sweaty!
    BTW, I can't get your face out of my thing, if you know what I mean. How do I remove you?
  • Hi blue knees.

    As far as I know, the discount is only available on the URWFRC kit and not on general kit. If you think there is scope for discounts elsewhere, then feel free to look into it. At the moment, I am just concentrating on sorting out the remaining URWFRC kit orders with lamb, but it is possibly something that can be looked at further down the line. If you find any useful info. then let me know.


    That reminds me, I need to arrange giving you back that dress!!! The dry cleaners managed to get most of the stains out mercifully!!!
  • Hi DW,

    I've e-mailed the Sweatshop to see if they have any views. In some ways it would be nice to support smaller shops but there are advantages to a big chain if you need to pop in, in order to try things on. I'm not sure how this would work even if they say yes. If I have any luck, I'll come back to you first before putting anything on the old site. Hope thats OK, tell me if not
  • Hello Snicks,

    My face in your thing sounds very dodgy. You could get reported to the thought police for that I reckon.

    How about I send you the little file I made of your face and you could use that to replace me.

    Sounds good to me. What do you reckon? At least it's better to have your own fizzog on the site!!
  • I'd rather be blank, but not quite sure how to remove you! Perhaps I should go to the diary room and ask RW (Sorry, missing BB already)
  • Snicks,

    I've removed your photo for you. Hope that is indeed what you wanted.

  • RB, if you've got your face out of Snicks thing just for a moment...I didn't know how to tell you Ratbag.
    Don't understand the pixel thing anyway, just keep fantasising , it's bound to be better than the truth, especially after radical haircut which my other half diplomatically says makes me look like Peter Pan. Perhaps I am a man after all?? Oh no, add gender confusion to existential angst...

  • Rain, running, and a little kink have all contributed to making me look like Ozzy Osborne this morning. I was Peter Pan for five years - much lower maintenance, and probably makes you run faster
  • Snicks

    If you look like Ozzy, does that mean beer belly and loads of tattoos?
  • I was talking about the hair, but now you come to mention it...
    (if only I could get that pixels thing sorted I could put a pic and show you!)
  • Snicks, I didn't know you had a kink? Is this something you'd like to discuss???


    Shouldn't worry too much about Peter Pan look. Just v. curious to see what a Northern blonde bomshell looks like.

    Send me a pic and I'll sort out the pixel thing!!

    Not holding my breath!

    All the best,

  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    RB you don't look anything like I imagined!
  • OK Hilly,

    I can't let that go. So what did you think I looked like??

    Can't see you too well on yours. Congrats for putting one up. Maybe more of a close up??

  • Yes it is a bit distant, isn't it. I guess that was the idea
  • I've changed since I had my picture taken as well ...............................................I don't wear the cap anymore!
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Hi RB,
    actually I expected you to be grey! Richard Gere??

    As for my picture I didn't realise it would look so distant. I'm sure it's simple but how do I change it?
  • Hi hilly.

    It'll need some jiggery-pokery in Photoshop or something. You need to open the photo, select the area you want off the photo, then copy it and paste it as a new image. Then resize it to 120x100 pixels prior to uploading. Post again if you want more help or alternatively mail the picture to me at [email protected] and I'll do it for you in five minutes.

  • Hello Hilly,

    Thanks for the Richard Gere comment!! I THINK it was a compliment!!

    There's probably more grey in real life than on the photo but that's MY secret! (Don't tell anyone!)

    As DW says, you can just cut out a portion of your picture and resize it. If you have a problem send to me or DW or Blue Knees and we can help.

    All the best,

  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Thanks guys I'll have a go at altering the picture and if I get stuck I'll let you know.
  • I think Ratbag has a bit of a Christopher Walken look about him.....
  • Only RB is ten years younger looking than Mr Walken, and although he hasn't done a music video he can run a marathon. You may meet him sometime Fraggle because he's fairly local. Reading 2003!
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