RW: Bad Taper

I have trained sucessfully for the Connemara Marathon in Ireland on September 1 using an intermediate programme. I completed my long run of 20 miles in 2.45 which then started my taper 3 weeks. I went to Spain for 2 weeks holidays the day after and I am worried I did too little since, My long run was a 12 miler on the following weekend and I did about 10, other than that I only managed about 5 runs amounting to about 20 miles in the entire two weeks... Have I done too little? How will this affect me?


  • you will start babbling on forum pages
  • Don't worry, after all it's too late to change anything and you've got the requisite long runs under your belt which is the main thing. Most people probably run too much during the tapering period rather than too little. My marathon running partner (who's run 14 'thons) swears by running 6/5/4/3/2/1 fast miles in the week leading up to the marathon, mainly to keep your legs moving but without any specific training goals at this late stage.

    Best of luck and please let us know how you get on at the weekend. Connemara sounds gorgeous.
  • I read (in Bob Glovers book) that it can take up to three weeks for long run training effects to really kick in, hence the last really long run is done three weeks before and not later. On this basis I'd say that there wouldn't have been any further training benefit gained anyway. As long as you stay flexible and went easy on the beers i'd have thought you'll be fine.

    Regardless, I recommend you get a good sports massage on legs and lower back (or whole body) two days before. It made a huge difference for my marathon.

  • Thanks. As we all know I suppose we're a little sensetive in the days prior to a marathon.

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