I started to enjoy running

When i started running last Aug i couldnt run 1 mile i stuck to it and now i am up to 18 miles a week with a increase of speed. I have finaly started to enjoy my running Hurray, I have gave up smoking after 11years so i could increase my speed and endurance, and last sunday i had that feeling (first time ever) that i could run forever it was brill. I just like to say that you need to stick to it even though its cold wet and windy outside and the TV looks so apealing. My next run is Bolton 10k and i am hoping to do well.


  • Well done new girl on the blocks, that's the spirit!
  • Wow, thats great. well done!! I am still at the beginning stage of 3 miles, and forcing myself to carry on!! But when I started, I could just about do a mile! so its better already!!
    Do you do speed work and hills etc or just straight running?
  • Well done new girl on the blocks, how often did you increase your milege. I too started running last August but I'm only up to 6 miles so would appreciate any advice!
  • Isn't it fab, that feeling of being able to run forever, I went out yesterday and did eight miles, first time ever and although it took forever I felt really good and proud of myself. It was only because I got lost! but I held my head up, thought 'I'm really enjoying this and it doesn't matter, I'll find my way home eventually'!! which I did...And well done on giving up the weed! I did that five years ago and haven't looked back. I take my running as it comes, some of it naturally goes uphill and I do put bursts of speed in and sometimes do fartlek, but I have no agenda and just as long as I'm out three or four times a week doing some running then I feel like I've achieved something. Long may it continue for us all....:-)
  • Absolutely! I'll second that, Jeanie.

    I got lost the other day too . . . in too much of a hurry trying to get away from a group of blokes trying to reverse a caravan that I took a left rather than a right at the bridge and ended up running through the local bird reserve . . . birds not bothered, twitchers v. indignant, but I found this fantastic track through the reed beds that led to a willow hide by a little lake full of ducks . . . and I saw a puffin!

    It was great.
  • Well done!!

    I started running at the beginning of the year and I did my first 10 miler last week. I'm hoping to run the Silvwerstone and Wilmslow half marathons in March.
    I'm running a coinsistent 12 minute mile when I do a long run so I think my half marathon time will be about 2hrs 36mins. If anyone else out there is doing either race and runs at that sort of pace I'd like to hear from you.

  • When I was told to stop running for six months last year by my knee consultant. I didn't think I would feel as 'gutted' as I did.
    Oh my God I'd started to enjoy it!! Must be barking mad, and now I can't run.

    Went out yesterday morning 7:00am, took the route that I ran such a lot last year, the first time this year as I am now getting back into running. saw the ducks as I crossed the brdge, the Canada Geese honking on the Bird Reserve, yes this is what it's supposed to be like!
  • It is such a relief to read that people are running at the same pace roughly that I am. I've been making futile attempts to run regularly for years and have always felt that I just wasn't good enough somehow. So this year at Christmas, I simply decided, it doesn't matter anymore how fast I do it, it's that I do it. I went on from that to realising how often I sabotage my running efforts in that as soon as I finish a run, I begin to criticise and scold myself for all the things I hadn't done well, such as being too slow, or even at times not enjoying it. Since I've left all of that behind, I am running regularly now, 3-4 times a week, and for the first time am actually enjoying a lot of the runs. And if I do have a run that ends up being crap, I just try to forget it, or say to myself that at least I did it while everyone else I know was either curled up in front of the television with a six pack for company or down the pub.
    So, to Andy Gratrix, I'm doing runs at the sort of pace you are and as a matter of curiosity, what distance are your long runs?
  • I think you've just summed it up Cary. You've going to be enjoying (most of the time at least :-) ) otherwise what's the point.?

    Since I got going again on the 7th January I 've done 62 miles,(nearly 16 last week alone) and my best pace has been 10'30"/mile, but I'm getting better, running further, so it's not fast but I'm enjoying what I do.
  • Cary,

    I think you've hit the nail on the head. The most important part is to enjoy the run. Anything else is just maths.

    At the moment I'm doing three runs during the week - 2 of 3 to 4 miles and one of 5 to 6. At the weekend I'm doing between 8 and 10. However, this weekend I'm hoping to run the Wilmslow half marathon course as a ‘sort of test’ before the Silverstone half marathon on 2nd March. I think I need to prove to myself that I can do the distance!

    I don't anticipate that I'll complete the run inside 2 hours and 36 minutes although people tell me you tend to get a better time running with other people. The one thing I’m determined not to do ruin one of the most positive things I've ever done by worrying about the time I take to finish.
  • Hello...is anyone doing the Silverstone half marathon? Is anyone planning to run in the slower pace groups? I think I've put down for sub 2:30. Will I be on my own (at the back!)?
  • Smitch,

    I'll be in the slower pace group. You won't be on your own.
  • Thanks Andy, that's comforting! Have you got your stuff through the post?
  • thanks to you all for the support i am currently doing some speed sessions i.e 2 miles as fast as i can to increase my speed,

    MY training programme is mon day off tuesday speed 2miles wed 4miles thurs speed 2miles fridayday off and big run sat 8 to ten miles and day off sun. I have been doing this for two weeks and nocked 5min of my runs of 4 miles. Also i do upperbody weights on my firt sprint session and lower body weights on my other sprint session.
    My 4 mile run consists of a large hill and my 8 to 10 miler consists of bigger hills.

  • Have been running consistently for few weeks now after startign dsort of program for 5k race which i managed in 31 mins! not great time but ok for first attempt? I am experiencing problems with knees! have hard lump over knee cap and get sore after road run - i am trying to up my mileage to do 10k in manchester - could it be that i am uping my mileage too soon? started running on grass track as well to vary from road runnign and cycle a bit too! any advice would be welcome? could it be my foot wear? old nike airs and reebock x trainers - cant afford anything over 50 squids!! cheers
  • You are all veterans comapred to me. I am at the very earliest stages of running - I am about to shift myself off my fat backside!
    Any advice?
  • Just turning off e mail notification
  • Janey: I was you (well... ish ;)) the Wednesday before last. Now I've done 3 runs and I'm already starting to feel good. Yesterday was my first pre-work run, and I felt AMAZING *all* day. All my work colleagues were walking around like zombies, and here's 17.x stone me zipping around like a kid. Hope this gives you some encouragement. :)

    Smitch: FYI, you can do that with the link at the bottom of those notification emails. ;)
  • Thanks Jumile, very encouraging and well done you! I will have to start slowly as I am recovering from major surgery. Reason for wanting to run is that I watched the Great North Run on TV in hospital and was inspired. I will do it next year. I've entered my very first event a 4.5 mile run (which will have to be a walk), but I want to raise some funds for the Breast Cancer Unit at my local hosital - that will motivate me!
  • More power to you, Janey! Next year's GNR? You're a braver person than me. :)
  • JW and Jumile, just go for it, take it easy, don't try to run before you can walk!!!

    No reason why you can't both be at GNR next year!!!
  • Have continued with my training despite occaisional twinges and all seems to be going well! apart from not being able to completely give up the evil weed! but have cut down and noticed immediate improvement which i hope will spurr me on to finally stop! been great source of encouragement seeing that others are facing similar struggles and that my pace at mins/mile isnt too slow! still some work to get distance up and still trying to get to do 10k consistently then maybe 10 miles! anyone got any suggestions as to how long i can expect to do this - barring injury? am using 10% rule to increase mileage and currently run 3 times a week - cheers jayne
  • Janey Waney and Jumile - I've just started running (a week ago). I can't run a mile yet without stopping for a breather, but I am getting closer every day - all the best
  • In the space of a couple of months, I've managed to go from running for less than a minute right up to 25 minutes now on the treadmill. I can only do about 3.5K in this time, but want to increase this so that I can start running in races. Problem is that whilst I enjoy it when I'm doing it, I can never find the motivation to actually get up and go running on a regular basis. Any tips??
  • Dropping in late on this one but just thought I would mention that the day you first get the "could have run forever" feeling is a life changing moment. And suddenly 20 a day, overeating and the pub 24/7 lose their appeal.

    It happened to me at about five miles one autumn afternoon after I had been running for nearly two years (serious abuse of body to clear out).

    It just came on, no pain, no effort, no enhanced breathing, complete solitude. HRM at about 165. It suddenly got so easy, so natural, so uplifting, so peaceful, so rhythmic, so focused.

    Massive high, HRM went to 170, 175, 180, 185 and held steady for a mile or so, at the time nine minutes of being "in the zone"

    Worth waiting for, every damn minute spent wheezing in the freezing rain.

    Mind you, hurt like a peeled pig afterwards.
  • Im still waiting for that day
    get running outside
  • Oh bless Hippo, it's not as if you don't run far enough either. Your day will come.
  • well done new girl on the blocks! thats awesome!!!! i am a beginner too and loving the running. so, to motivate me even more, you wanna tell me all the good things that you've found have happened to you since you started running? how do you feel, look, etc? whats changed/improved?

    ps: what made you take up running in the first place?
  • Marce-hi
    I woncder if new girl is still running actually
    this thread was started 4 years ago
  • Hi all this is my first post so be gentle!

    Ive been running for a few months now on and off, i'm registered to do the great west run in May as a friend did it last year and managed to rope me into it :( - over the last week or so ive found things are finally getting easier.

    I havent done anything over 5 miles yet, i also dont have a lot of free time so am running in the morning before work (so this is what 6am looks like!).

    Ive never done any regular running before so am finding it hard, i always feel like i am going to die during the first 10 mintues then i start to settle down a bit.

    i just wanted to say that im now really enjoying it, as someone above said it makes you feel so much better at work, i feel worse on the days that i dont run, only problem now is my feet are hurting, think my fitness is ok just worried my legs will give way half way round!

    i have one quick question - at the moment i am getting up at 6 in the morning then running for 5 miles without eating anything, i dont think this bothers me and i dont feel hungry but would you suggest eating before a run? with the half marathon starting at 9.30 i will obviously need to eat before but am not sure what or how much, last thing i want is to be full and end up with a massive stitich?

    thanks all!

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