I've had my Camelbak for three years now & I'm sure in the early days this never happened!

But, despite using their own cleaning tablets; sterilizing tablets; hot soapy water; washing & thoroughly drying immediately after use; storing in cool conditions and replacing the bladder
I can't get rid of a horrible plastic type taste to whatever fluids I might put in.

Any ideas? I'd be grateful to hear!



  • brandy :-)
  • a strong mix of ribena or other blackcurrent cordial works well on other plastic bottles
  • currants not electrical ones
  • add just enough squash for the contents to taste just not quite of plastic
  • Squashes, fruit juices, energy drinks or just plain water; I've tried them all.

    Not tried Brandy though - perhaps...if all else fails!!!
  • You tried Milton sterilising fluid?? Use it for my water bottles. Seems to work ok.
  • Neutralising tablets from Millets - worked perfectly on mine making both water and isotonics taste normal.
  • Also, some 'bladders' seem worse than others. I have a GELERT one that has no taste at all. Maybe replace yours?
  • Not tried Milton Sterilising fluid or Millets Neutralising tablets so maybe give them a try.

    Positive it isn't the bite valve, I've already elimimated this from my enquiries. Thanks for the suggestion though EP
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