Message fro Plodding Hippo

PH.. I have been following (loosely) your quest for a zillion marathons this year on your 'year out'..

Just curious..

With all the extra training and racing have you noticed any significant changes in you? Just wondered whether any of the following would apply to you:

- you've lost weight?
- can run faster, for longer?
- PB time is dropping?
- getting to 20+ miles is almost effortless?
- you are becoming addicted to running (or the opposite, you do so much that it is losing its appeal?)?
- you have repeated injuries

Any thoughts on your experiences so far??





  • Glad you started this thread.

    Hippo deserves her own thres she is an inspiration to us all.
  • oops *thres* meant thread
  • hahahahaahahhaah
    thats SO funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    still 3 stone overweight
    not really much faster(first mara on 8 miles training , 5.58, justposted a 5.41 last sunday-pb is still only 5.15)
    20 miles is a nightmare-i never do it in training(i have to race to persualde myself to go that llong, and ive only once ever run 20 miles without a walk break)

    Every training run is a struggle and i have to force myself out of the door, so no, not addicted!


  • So... what do you think would happen if you only ran say 1 marathon every 4-6 weeks and did some structured training in between? Or am I missing the point?
  • that was when did my 5.15

    you are missing the point for this year
    but i havent explained myself on this thread, though i have done elsewhere

    you see, I used to work lots of weekends
    i curently dont
    So am getting the maras in while i can
    I accept there may be no pbs-thats fine
    For now!
    the other thing ive done since leaving work is run every day-even if its only a mile
    Sort of made a promise you see

  • My best structured training was acutally pre FLM 2005
    i had a really really crap run, got caught out by the first warm day of the year

    this year i wasted 30 mins in loo qs-i wouldnt have pbed otherwise

    marathons are evil unpredictable beasties
    so is my tummy!
  • PH, still amazes me when I read about your exploits!! You're a wonder-woman!
  • One fabbo thing about it is that i get to go to places i wouldnt normally
  • well as a newbie who's seen you in action so to speak.... you are an inspiration to me PH....

    Bugger the PBs go for it and enjoy!!
  • You're an inspiration to a lot of people PH.

    Your name cropped up at our BBQ this weekend. Another friend had been reading various posts of yours and was waxing lyrical about how fab you are:-)
  • and you get to meet lots of great people

    you wanna meet some of those 100 mara club memebers
    seroius fruit loops!

    and as for ultra runners---------

  • ...and what about meeting loverly people hipps ?
  • well thats very nice if you but i am now embarrassed
  • cross post ed!
  • Thanks for the replies... how long in your 'year out' do you have left?

    How many mara's have you done and have left to do..?

  • i have about 12 to do

    ive done-----er----- 4 ultras,7 maras,7 halves ans a couple of 10ks and a 10 miler
    and i suppose ill have to get back to work in january
    not sorted anything yet

    living proof you can do all of this and not get any fitter, or thinner!!!!!!

    Since leaving work ive just about managed 40mpw
  • Hipps you are amazing. And an inspiration.
  • Blimey... RW should do an article on you!!


    Well done..

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    Hipps you inspire me!
  • And me!!

    More than you can know Benz
  • But
    I walk
    I almost always have terrible runs(pun intended)
    I havent improved really-and yes, i do know why, before anyone says training, weight, booze, too much racing in no particular order

    thankyou anyway
  • Still 3 stone over weight ?

    Get out of it......

    Yer at least 4......MWAH!!

    One can never have too much booze (unless you are driving)
  • Muzzy-for running purposes you are probably right!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just meant 3 stone to , well, you know, be in a nice normal weight range
  • BeansBeans ✭✭✭
    Hippo just wanted to say that, like everyone else here, you are also the one that inspires me most since discovering this website.

    Thanks, Beans.
  • I do not get it

    is good if people are running
  • I've got carpet burns on my chin from constantly dropping my jaw at your incredible achievements Hipps. Certainly an inspiration and guaranteed to pick me back up whenever I feel I can't carry on and I'm kidding myself to think I could run (which is quite frequently).
  • sneeze
    can run!

    it might not be fast or pretty
  • Minty4 - yes, carpet burns. And bleeding nipples from prostrating myself on forest floors at the very thought of Hippo's achievements. And she is such a nice peep with it. All I can say is the more of her the merrier.
  • plenty of me dear!

    but you have brung the tobe down with the nipple talk
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