Ankle Injury Bone Marrow Edema

After 4-5 months of consistent ankle pain I had an MRI scan and was diagnosed as suffering a bone marrow edema of an area around the Talus bone. Does anyone know any thing more about this injury and the treatment regime?


  • Not a lot. There is some uncertainty as to whether bone marrow oedema is a marker of other injuries or bone problems; or whether it is an isolated injury or disease process in itself.

    You could print out this article and take it with you when you go to see your consultant about the results.
    Dr Nick
  • Thanks for that, much appreciated. Specialist says rest should cure but I am the worst rester in the world and am supposed to be doing Toronto half on 15th October. Maybe 4 weeks with no impact training and then a couple of weeks step up and an easy paced half will get me through or is that wishful thinking?
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