Flying after a race

Running a half marathon on Sunday morning and then flying off on holiday in the evening.

Boy, was I in the dog house for that piece of timing!!

Anyway, just want to be sure that I'm not risking deep vein thrombosis or really bad cramps or some other nasties from spending 2.5 hours in a plane around 6-7 hours after my run.


  • Did that - Dublin marathon last year. finished the 26.2 jumped straight on the bus back to the airport, flew back to Gatwick, train to Victoria, stood in the tube the whole way home.

    I guess I survived, but I don't recommend it - so my sympathies are with you - best to try and keep moving around as much as possible, especially on that plane flight, and really dose yourself with fluids (not all of the alcoholic variety either). At least you're not going into work the following morning! best of luck with the 1/2M. s.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Only suggestion I would make is to do lots of stretching after the event and in the airport and any other opportunity you get during the flight.
  • I'm hoping to finish the New York Marathon at about 3.30 to 4.00pm ..... My return flight is at 8.oo !!!! And I,m working ( which means being on my feet for ten hours ) on Monday afternoon. The way my quads are after Sundays Half, My flight home is not going to be fun !!
    Good luck Sunday and send us a postcard.
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