The Brain says go - the Back says No!

Hello People,
I'm returning to running after a lapse of two years combined with middle age, three young kids and too much curry and beer. Excuses over, here's the problem...
I'm 6'2" and currently weight 16 stone. I'm back on diet that has previously worked well for me (I shed two stone and did the 2004 FLM in 3:44).I've got a new pair of shoes and started my distances gradually although when I start to run I get quite a bit of pain in my lower back which me thinks is due to bad posture (beer belly sticking out)and excess weight.I'm sorting out the weight bit, can anyone help me with ideas for my back? I really want to run and get back to my previous form but the pain is slowing me up and getting me down!


  • core stability stuff
    Pilates or yoga

    yuor back will thank you
  • Cheers P.H, any books or websites you would recommend?
  • errrrrrrr
    but]you should be able to find a local Pilates class

    prevention better than cure where backs are concerned

    Cougie,s misssus teaches pilates-hopefully he will be along
  • some basic back exercises will help you too ( i think theres a page on this site - health tab above)

    swimming is VERY good and doing some cross training generally - cycling for example to build up your fitness without weightbearing and putting too much strain on your back - watch rowing tho -it can load the spine too much

    i did lots of brisk walking for a year or so instead of any running and lost weight which does make a difference

    if its just muscle ache - take it easy and lots of rest and stretching - try not to run too much too soon

    im just taking some tentative steps back into running having had a back problem on and off for the last couple of years - i have to listen to it - if its a bit achey ease off and do the exercises and stretches and make sure tht i get to the pool regularly - just exercising in warm water can help relieve any spasms

    if its more than achey muscles that settle after 24-48 hours rest - then it may be worth getting checked over and some advice from a Physio as prevention is better than a chronic back problem

    try and run offroad on softer surfaces but watch for uneven ones as this can cause problems - good shoes obviously

    something i have found that helps is building up with run walk and a rest/stretch between the runwalk sessions - so im doing 10 reps of 3-1 min run walk but i have 30-60 secs inbetween to do some gentle stretches and this seems to be helping avoid the stiffness and spasms

    simple "core stability/stength" exercises are very useful in supporting your back - if you dont want to go down the yoga/pilates route

    the main ones focus on stregthening the transversus abs - more subtle that situps but very good - most Physios will get you doing these if you have a back problem (unless you have any very specific injury or problem that precludes them )

    if you develop any leg pain/pins and needles or numbness then you need to get checked over also as this could indicate a disc problem

  • cheers Buney, I've started doing some core stability and will also think about seeing my physio!
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