'Streak Runners'

Has anybody else heared of 'Streak Runners', i.e running every day to build up a 'streak' of runs ? Some runners have gone years without missing a day!What distance would you have to run each day to keep your 'streak' going ? ( min. distance)


  • Oh how disapointing! Thought this was gonna be about running in the buff! ;-)
  • Yep - it's in the magazine occasionally. I don't know that it matters distance wise, always thought it was just going out and doing the miles daily.
  • Agree with KKD
  • where are the bare bits guys :-)
  • Sorry to disapoint KKD. Would a run of 2 miles be enough to keep a 'streak' going ?
  • You streak away Tommy if it makes you happy! :-)

    I'd have thought as long as you were out every day that'd be fine.
  • I will KKD, might even try it in the buff, weather permiting !
  • yes
    heatd of it
    you have to do a fullyear before you can join

    doenst matte how far each day
  • Right, I will start tomorrow, in the buff for KKD.
  • lol! Can you wait until I finish my race and get down South?? Here's hoping its not too cold then!!
  • think the "official" rule for this is a mile - seem to remember seeing it on the website

    seems a bit daft to me if taken too seriously - saw a programme where Ron Hill went running with a seriously busted leg and in pain just to keep the streak going
  • but was he clothed Bear??
  • fortunately, yes!
  • And I thought this was another thread about the trots....

    I am getting my coat as we speak
  • We met one in Arizona, the morning after the 24 hour race as we were leaving our hotel one of th eguys who'd been running came jogging past-"I've got a streak" he told us. We could barely walk!!
  • Ron Hill's a bit of a bullshitter isn't he - jogging up and down a plane on a long haul flight or limping along on a broken leg doesn't count as a run.
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