Aberdeen Social 15th Sept

Been a while since the last one now, anyone fancy getting together again??

Names and suggestions of where to eat please.

Haggis Thai


  • Blast! I'm going to miss this too as I'm on holiday!

    Have a great night guys!
  • Haggis Thai. Is that fusion food?
  • Well I guess this did not happen do you want to try another date.
  • Made it to the first one. Would love to go to another. Haggis .... where are you when we need you?

    <sits back and wait for Haggis to spring into action .....!!>
  • Where am I...?

    where was everyone else when we tried for a July Social,

    and an August one,

    and a September one...

    Bit late for an October one, shall we try for November?
  • I was there for the first one! Couldn't make the 2nd ....

    November would be good ... or the start of December (and it's my BIRTHDAY!)
  • TP, for you I'll spring into action anytime, not just your birthday... ;o)
  • dan dandan dan ✭✭✭
    You lot are slack up there, I can tell you!

    If I were there, there'd be gallons of ale being drunk. Well, I would go to about two pints before I fell over, but its the thought that counts.

    Cant make Aiberdeen in the near future, but one of these days I shall surprise you all.

    Now, step to it and socialise, you grumpy lot!
  • Go on, you know you want to party!!! ;o)
  • Alas, not 21 Haggis. 44 actually! There, I said it and it didn't hurt - much.

    Be careful what you offer Haggis ..... I know where you live .....;-O
  • TP, that shouldn't hurt, I'm the same month, but a few years on...

    You might well know where I live, but so far you've managed to avoid it like the plague!
  • That's where you're wrong, I'm standing outside now .... just watching ..... might go for a root through your wheelie bin later .....
  • Hate to disappoint you, my bins are inside the building!

    Don't know who's house you're standing outside of, but it ain't mine ;o)
  • Well, a bit of random stalking never hurt anyone did it? I'll get round to you tomorrow, if it's not raining.
  • Sorry, gorgeous, Tuesday's running club.

    But you could always have my dinner ready when I get back...
  • What is the world coming to when you've got to make an appointment to stalk someone. Can't do Wednesday - it's my group therapy session, Thursday's a bit tricky too - community service for the last offence. Will you be available to lurk naked behind your net curtains early Friday? Only, I'd like to be home in time for Corrie.
  • You can lurk naked behind my curtains any time TP.

    In fact, why hide behind the curtains, sure we could find somewhere more amenable to 'lurk'... ;o)
  • Well, that would be a talking point for your neighbours .... never know your luck though ;-O

  • One beauty of my flat is that the neighbours can't see in!

    so let your imagination run riot!!!
  • you've got mail!
  • Oh dear, the police have obviously caught up with TP.

    getting blase (sp) with her stalking now, should be more careful...
  • Ok if you two are quite finished how about splitting the diffrence and going for Satuarday 2nd December.
    Did you make circuits last night Haggis I did not as had to take client to dinner and was once again forced to carbo load on guinness.
    Should make club on thursday though.
  • Their is a new social thread

    Aberdeen social pre christmas drinks

    get on it now and Sign Up.
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