SW London/Surrey Training Group

Some of those of us who did the Southwater tri-relays at the weekend figured it would be good to train together and do some long bike rides (coffee and cake stops included), and possibly some swimming and stuff.

Hollywood has a basic route he uses from his home out towards Box Hill, and I know some routes from there, although the more routes the better as far as I'm concerned. We might have to meet up on the route as we'll be a bit spread out, but I really fancy riding as part of a group for those several hour long rides.

I'm tracing out some possible route on Gmap, but for now, here's Hollywood's route.

Those interested:
Green Eyes

(add name - obviously!)


  • That route could work out well as I could drop Mr Flipper off for a round of golf whilst I go for a cycle :o)
  • That's good Flips :o)

    I'm putting together some rides that'll add onto it as a starting point - will post them here.

    Nervous about the Box Hill climb, going to go and give it a try tomorrow
  • Ooohhh...good luck with that! I'm far too scared to go near that place!

    Thanks for getting this organised.
  • Well done on starting the fred, Bear - I think your loop might be the basis for the Ballbuster - http://www.humanrace.co.uk/buster/buster.gif

    What time you thinking of heading out tomorrow?

    Zilla and Ergo gave me the route down to Box Hill originally - so it is all Zilla's fault really!
  • oh yeah - I have seen that map before when Lindi was trying to pressgang me into doing it!

    Not sure what time at the mo - legs are a bit sore and I'm running tonight - hopefully about 10am as I'm off work but might leave it until the evening

    Was thinking for the rides that HappyChap and Greenie could meet up with me as I head out through Leatherhead on the A24
  • Here's another one

    could do with something a bit inbetween though.

    How Lane on that route is an evil bu99er of a hill!
  • Hi Bear

    Zig zag could be the Surrey equivalent of Ditchling. Let me know how you do tomorrow. I've been down it but not up <gulp>

    I'm working all day tomorrow so won't be able to make it however, may be able to skive Friday early afternoon if you fancy another crack at it then?
  • I could possibly drive up and meet you for some of these - most probably weekend ones though cos of work

    Having said that I've just put buying my road bike back a couple of months by having a rather expensive bone scan to sort my shin splints - mtb it is!

    Those interested:
    Green Eyes

  • That sounds good Pinkie - I think we'll be heading down towards the South coast further on some rides (see what everyone thinks) but the L2B route is off the main roads so seems quite a good basis for a longer route..

    Any news on Southwater and the times for swimming, Pinklet?
  • ZigZag is easy. It's not steep, just long (and it's not really that long...)

    Bear - I'm still trying to find out about work tomorrow... will let you know later.

    And should we pick a first weekend date ride too?
  • oops - yes - I'd be up for a ride on friday - assuming my legs have recovered from tomorrow!

    The Zig Zag doesn't get one of those greater than signs on the map (meaning very steep), whereas there is a road the other side of the A24 that does - might investigate that sometime :os
  • Nothing re swimming yet, Bear. Will let you know. If I don't hear anything I'll try phoning.

    L2B route could be a goer, would be nice to do it with slightly fewer bikes around!
  • I'm away this weekend (not that that needs to stop everyone else), and possibly the following weekend, although that's looking iffy now

    I do think it would be good to have a date to go for though, and then see what the interest is.
  • Cool - should be back in Ashtead by 2pm at latest on Fri so you could pick me up on A24 as your pootling through.

  • Hey guys,

    I'm interested in this but could you let me know what type of riding it is and how quick you go and just whats generaly involved?!?!

    I have an MTB and live in Reigate. Box hill is about 7 miles from me.


  • Bear - this is my longest route ever to date - 122km - I think it goes up that arrowed hill you are talking about - it's much steeper starting in Westhumble and ending somewhere near the back of Denbies vineyard - http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=414364 - I don't really recommend this route...
  • I would be interested in tagging along. The Epsom Downs / Box Hill area is my usual training ground (not that I've done much recently) and I'm sure a bit of company would help encourage me to get out get out and do some longer rides over the winter months.
  • Be nice to meet up with some others on this forum I'm hoping to do the Ball Buster, is it hard ???
  • Hi Alex, jrs and trilad - the more the merrier. Not sure of paces at the moment, I normally ride at around 15-16mph but that may change as I get more used to the bike. I think there are others who will be slower and faster, so we'll have to work out how to accomodate this I guess.

    Not done the BallBuster but others on the forum have even if no-one on this thread. I know it's supposed to be a tough ride but very enjoyable.
  • yep - that's the road I was looking at Holly - might take a look at it if I'm feeling enthusiastic tomorrow!

    Some roads just aren't good for cycling though - although I'm posting routes I haven't checked them, but if they're ones other people have done then they can say if they're good or not. I'm sure we'll evolve a good set of routes.
  • "especially if you like hills"?

    There's nowt queerer than folk.
  • Blinkin' flip!

    Hmmm - got to get used to daft distances like that I suppose - wibble! Might try my first 100 on something a bit less hilly though. Maybe a trip down in FS's direction?

    Working link

  • I might join you on Friday afternoon - need to check the work diary but keep me posted what time you are likely to be there and I'll meet you at the top for tea and cake.

  • Evenin Linds u hav mail
  • I'll be up for some - just need to figure out a way to get down there
  • Dunno about anyone else but for variety we could also do some rides going out more to the West - which might be easier for you Debs.

    Hollywood's coming from somewhere near Bushy Park so maybe you could meet up with him and Shiraz for the Box Hill ones?
  • Id also be up for some group action, its worth a drive to tag on with a good training ride.

    Whens the 1st ride planned (whats this about some people have work Lindi!)
  • I'm not around this weekend and probably not the one after tnat either - would like to do one the eekend after, but of course if you guuys fancy one earlier than that feel free.

    Cash is a bit tight for me so may have to cancel my trip 16th/17th in which case I'd be up for it then
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