The worst pressie for your partner

Following MartinH's thread asking or inspiration. What is the least popular pressie you've bought for your partner.
Mine is the jeans as mentioned and the suggested health farm. Closely followed
by the suggestion of a cover girl photo shoot- apparently this meant I thought she needed more makeup. Can't win.


  • Barkles... You're a fella, we've got no chance!!! I alway get running shoes for my presents!
  • A cover girl photo shoot? That sounds potentially naughty indeed! Did you ever see the Simpsons episode where Homer did a similar sort of thing?

    I just ordered the Allen Carr book on how to stop smoking for my boyfriend, so this may be the worst present. Hopefully not.

    The worst present I've received was a lovely antiquey watch with Chinese dragons on it. It was really cool, but didn't work, and my then-boyfriend was all cagey about bringing it back to the shop. Gave some crap excuse about not having a receipt. I don't know, perhaps he stole it. Anyway, I've never been able to get it fixed, which is a shame, and it's lost somewhere in my parents' house.
  • Worst pressie - a power sander - it was beautiful - lots of special shaped heads with velcro on sanding paper.

    My wife thought it inappropriate. I'm still hurt!
  • BarklesBarkles ✭✭✭
    One of my cricketing chums was aware that his wife craved a 'cherish' number plate for her leaming motor.
    He bought one that ended in PMT.
    It's true because I saw the bruising later.
  • Barkles -- the worst pressie I bought my other half was a rubik cube. We decided we'd have "themed" birthdays that year and so my theme for him was "school nostalgia" and so I got everyone to try and think of pressies he'd want that related to stuff he loved as a kid. I was told he was a whizz at doing the rubik cube (he is an engineer after all)... so off I went to Toy & Hobby. When he opened it he was surprised but not as much as I was ... he did it once, in 9 seconds flat!! and he's never touched it since!! And there was me thinking it would be one of those pressies that would last for ages!
  • I bought my missus one of those palm computer gizmo's , she never used it , so 2 months ago she gave it to me , I also havnt used it yet !
  • The worst prezzie I got was from my ex who got me one of those magnetic, balancing, ballbearing spinning things you see in gadget shops and tickets to the Lion King theatre show. I hate those tacky object things and I never ever expressed a wish to see the Lion King either. I don't mean to sound ungrateful but I had to pretend to like them both and just felt so disappointed. I'd have been happy with a bottle of perfume.
  • Barkles, you've got a long way to go...but it's a great question.
    Hildegard, definitely dodgy, he either got it free with his Barclaycard points or from a bloke down the pub.
    I've never bought my other half a 'worst' present, they're always in good taste and conveying exactly the right amount of love, thoughtfulness and generosity. (He asked for that Black & Decker workbench, honestly).
    We're past the stage of romantic gestures since: I just don't wear things like that or: never liked that perfume anyway. I once got a bottle of Loulou perfume, hated it, said so (a bit more delicately) only to be presented with another bottle next time he went through the duty free.
    These days I just give a list of book titles, or say I'd like eg 'A Lowe Alpine fleece, I'll buy it myself, just give me a cheque'. At least then I know if fits and is exactly what I want. That reminds me of the flowery outfit from Country Casuals he got me for my birthday last year - how old does he think I am???
  • Size uk 11 Asics Gel Kayanos if anyone wants to know...
  • I once received a shellsuit 'for running in winter' from a relative i shall not embarrass by naming (no, it wasn't hubby, but it was one of his relatives).
  • A couple of years ago hubby went into Laura Ashley (LAURA ASHLEY!!) and bought me some clothes. It was a sweet gesture as I'd just lost loads of weight and didn't really have much to wear. But these were garments from hell and they did nothing for me. He was so nervous about it that I couldn't tell him what I really thought (he had tried...) and they just festered in my wardrobe. And I would have loved to go to a better shop and blow £200 on clothes.

    Told him eventually and he knows now...
  • GodzillaGodzilla ✭✭✭
    Missus old dog bought herself a bedside lamp with a vile coloured purple shade that stood in cone shape up from a flat wooden base - It looked cheap, and nasty but being the nice sensitive boyfriend that I am, I said i liked it. She bought me one to match hers last month.
  • I once seriously looked into the present of a trip in a light aircraft to see Crewe at Norwich, (that was the nearest fixture to his birthday). Then it dawned on me , he suffers from altidude sickness, makes him ill for days!
    I come from a family who don't do romantic gestures so you always get something you want not some hideous surprise, and more importantly waste of money.
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