Sittingbourne 10 Mile

Nice 10 miler in the Kent countryside :)

I got paced to a PB by two burly men last year, so it can be a fast course!!


  • hi there, how hilly is this?
  • I live in Sittingbourne! I didn't even know about it though. I can't do it because I'll be winging my way to Portugal with a raging hangover from my birthday the day before.

    Plus I'm doing RunLondon on the 8th and Leeds Castle on the 15th so I think a hat trick of 10K's might be a bit too much!!

    Good luck Tiger!
  • it's a 10 miler though! Three 10k's in three weeks however, should be perfectly ok for anyone of whatever running experience.

    I 'll be there - one of the best races in Kent!
  • Ah. I think 10 miles is a little out of my reach just now!

  • soz - hadn't noticed from your pic. that you weren't up to walking yet, let alone running.

    have to admire your grasp of the written word though, at such a tender age.
  • Yes, well, I'm the exception to the rule in that I learnt to run before I could walk.....
  • Ta da! One night after starting the thread, in my post this morning was an entry form for the Sittingbourne 10!
  • I'm going to log off in a moment and fill in the entry form which I also received the other day.

    This is, I think, my favourite autumn race; it is interesting to see how certain parts of the course have changed since the first race back in the early-mid 90s.

    On the subject of hills, there is a dip in the course at about 1 mile, and this is repeated at about 9 miles - apart form that, the course is gently undulating. If you are reasonable on hills, this is a PB course.
  • Good to see them listing this in RunnersWorld as the Sittingbourne 10 - last year, they called it the Chas Ryman 10 in the race calendar and no-one from RunnersWorld knew about it.
  • My number came through this morning and, for fans of Paul Hardcastle (or "The Commentators"), I'm number n-n-n-n-nineteen!
  • AB2
    What are you like???
    A dip in the course at one mile! You forgot to mention "immediately followed by a shortish but fairly steep ascent of Stockers Hill"

    Thought I'd point that out otherwise you might have a few forumites looking out for no.19 after the race with ill intention!!!
  • Stockers Hill? Running UP Stockers Hill? You're all mad. When I was learning to drive I stalled the car on that hill and it took ages to get up there.

    For those of you who aren't familiar with Stockers Hill, imagine the first incline of a rollercoaster..... THATs Stockers Hill.

    Also, that's a great hill for sledging down.
  • Look - people tend to go flying off at the start of the course, and if they were not aware of the slight depression in the route, it might come as a bit of a surprise. Armed with this knowledge, I usually gain about 20-30 places on Stocker's Hill, so it's only fair I let others know so they can check it out if they wish!

    Ajax - if you look at the number of comments on the Sittingbourne 10 over the last few years, you will see I have little to fear from angry forumites, as it does not attract as many posts as it should. If I do have to run away, there's this monstrous climb about a mile from the finish which they'll never race me up...
  • I'm sure they'd be gentle with you; they might just have a bone to pick with you re. the hill you didn't mention.
    But now we've mentioned it, they have been warned. So diversions up monstrous hills about a mile from the end hopefully won't be necessary.
  • Thanks for your words of comfort!

    Is anyone else out there doing this race?
  • yes I am, but i don't think i want to now!!

  • Ok, so at around what mile is the "rollercoaster - Stockers Hill" and is there anymore, what is the last couple of miles like.
  • That would have been a lot easier without the wind!
  • I agree, Tiger, and I know I'm not the only one who felt that way. Anyway, I must thank you for spurring me on to beat 1.24 (on my watch); I had hoped to beat 1.20, but the wind made that impossible - it seemed to be in my face for at least 2/3rds of the race. Still, at least I wasn't as exposed as those who did the Quicksand 15 must have been.

    Thanks, as always, must go to the members of Sittingbourne Striders, who gave up the time to organize the race, and without whom, this race would not have been possible.

    One other thing of some sort of note - I seemed to be the only person sporting the original race T-shirt from the early 90s; I've obviously been doing this for too long, but I still hope to be back again next year.
  • Just back from the Quicksand and you're dead right. If it hadn't been for the sheer weight of sand, saline & seaweed in the shoes, we might well have been blown somewhere into the North Sea!
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