Bushy Park

I have noticed that these Bushy Park 5 k seem to be on every saturday. Where in Bushy Park are they and what is the best bus to catch?


  • Web site is here - explains all the details

    Best bus would depend on where you're coming from.
  • Hey there Heath

    we meet in the car park by the fountain. You cant miss it there's always loads of people milling around / warming up / gossiping.

    I dont know about buses (I drive) but it's about 1.5 miles from kingston train station

    the website
  • Hey Bear..............was it good on Sunday? Sorry I couldn't join the team.....nada dinero my lovely.

    Oh well next time!!

  • Well i live in Highgare in North london so I would expect to have to go to the centre first.
  • Nah, think you're wrong there, XFR.

    The Bushey Park bus will be the best bus definitely, regardless of where you're coming from. :0)

  • Will look out for a nice sporty number then Max 71- wink

  • And where does this bushy park leave from?
  • Hey Max - yeah, great fun, shame you couldn't make it, we had a full team in the end had enormous fun. Do try and get along to one though soon :o)

    Hampton Court station would be the nearest - can't help with buses, although I'm sure someone who lives nearby could help.

    Maybe try here
  • or here there's usually a thread and someone will be able to help you

  • Thanks for the help bear. Be looking out for a fox called Max on saturday
  • Hmmm... just posted a long message and it got lost...

    It went something like:

    "A fox"?! You'd better watch out cos it's culling season in the park at the moment!

    Heath Hunk - to get to Teddington your best be would be a train from Waterloo to either Teddington or Hampton Court - then it's a 12 minute jog to the start from either (could be longer if your jogging pace is slower!)

    Also could try posting on the event thread -a few peeps post there every week and some of them come from the inner city! See http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/forum/forummessages.asp?dt=4&UTN=47732&last=1&V=6&SP=

    It's a fab friendly race - some big name athletes and even the odd RW editor has turned up! Look out for groups of forumites gathering near the start and end - often spotted wearing Fetch shirts and even the odd URWFRC and pirate shirt too! Please come and say "Hello" if you do make it there!
  • Heath, I'm 18 stone with a hump, you cant miss me
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