Caught on camera

With reference to the story at the GNR last week in the papers does anyone else feel that if you take a leak in public it your own fault if someone takes a pic of you?


  • Nope. Generally more concerned about the health of the person that needs a momento of the occasion featuring someone weeing/pooing ...

  • ok , so the guy is sick and needs help but if i take a leak in public and someone sees me , them surely thats my fault?
  • of course its your fault, the problem was that he was there specifically to catch women doing this, he wasnt just *passing by* but yes, you've got to take a bit of responsibilty for your own actions in public
  • must be quite tough during an event as busy as GNR to do that though.
  • take responsibility for actions bear? just cause your an exhibitionist! lol ;o)
  • I must have missed this - what was the story ?? And have I missed the GNR ?
  • Have you seen the toilet que at the GNR??? Especially when its near time to start??? There are toilets galore but if you waited in the que you would be there all day, plus I used them the first year and swore blind I would rather have my a**e on the BBC than use them again. The fence I climb over to pee is out of the way. There are loads of people who climb over to relieve themselves. I have stood guard for someone and they have done the same for me. Its ok for blokes they can pick a bush and pee. I take responsibility for all my actions but I don't expect to be filmed for the sake of some sick pervo to get his kicks though. SO Santababy have you stood in the GNR toilet que???? Have you never been caught short on a run?????
  • Whatever happened to peeing on the run?
    Nobody seems to notice that, or at least nobody has ever pointed out to me that they knew what I was up to!

    Word of advice though - make sure your inner thighs & genital area are very liberally "vassed" up. This will help prevent "pee sores"
  • I remember having to have a last minute 'comfort break' when I did GNR but the queues for the manky portaloos were so huge my mate and I climbed up into the bushes on the side of the road. We were well out of view from the roadside altho' it was rather crowded in there with fellow runners doing the same thing!!
  • While waiting at the start of the Paris marathon with just a couple of minutes to go the woman in front of me crouched down and had a pee. We were all pressed together and the few who could see her looked away so it was actually quite private - though I couldn't have done it.

    I was careful where I stepped when we started to move.
  • Think yourself lucky she didn't pee on your shoe BT!!!! ;o)
  • The start of the La Rochelle marathon last year was ajacent to a quayside.
    Suffice to say that a fair number of runners added to the water level within the aformentioned quay!
  • ((Kaz)) you were probably beside me somewhere then. I always go there now. I never wanna see the inside of a portaloo again. I am pleased I am not the only one who thinks they are manky!!!
  • All portaloos are manky but when there's so few of them for so many peeps!!! Blurgh! ;o(

    Actually this reminds me of an incidence many moons again when I was in the TA. We were on exercise down on Salisbury Plain when a friend and I needed to go for a 'tactical stroll'. Off we bimbled into this little copse with our shovels and few sheets of loo paper. All was well till we came out to find ourselves with an audience - half a dozen tanks had pulled up nearby. Still it seemed to brighten their day!!!
  • Well at least it wasn't on camera.
  • Not as far as I know!!! ;o)

  • I know someone caught short on the way home from the pub. Took a leak in a magistrates garden and got arrested. Paula does it and gets away with it? Wheres the justice?
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