Hello!! Is anyone there?

Hello I'm a first time user of the site and not sure how it goes. I've been training on and off for 14 years and saw myself on the holiday video recently. Didn't like what I saw. Even my girl wondered what was swimming towards her in the pool. Anyway started serious training (again) and RW is giving me the incentive to get off my fat Arse and do something.


  • Well I only started a week ago, everyone here is very friendly and gives great advice/ecouragement.
    go for it :)
  • I only started last week.. as a total beginner.

    Everyone is really friendly.

    Enjoy the forums and the running!

  • Jason - welcome - whilst my fat gut is probably more well represented here I'm sure you are not alone :-)

    Good luck with your running and keep us up dated as to progress.

    Gemini and Wotafool - good luck too.

    I've been back at running since the beginning of the year - now 33lbs lighter and running 20 miles aweek having started at just 3 miles a week. I'm still fat but I'm not gross any more!

    Fat club in health is a good place to post as well if anyone hasn't found it yet.
  • Welcome aboard to you all.
  • Welcome.

    (Just realised you have picked up a new name Sue.)
  • Hiya Jason,

    I only started a few weeks ago and I find
    these forums invaluable.

    All the best.
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    Hiya Jason,

    Welcome to the club. I've been running for a year and accessing the RW site since May. You'll find loads of useful hints and tips here as well as the encouragement and incentive to keep up the good work.
  • Hi Jason
    Welcome to the wonderful world of cyber running clubs! Loads of advice and support and plenty of madness thrown in.
    Keep the faith!
  • see what you all mean about it been friendly. Thanks the responses so far and within 24 hours (excellant). Glad to see Scotty H has the same streamlining as me (no offence intended).
    Currently training for 1/2 marathon in Oct in Germany. I work over here with the Army. Took a group out for what was ment 2 b an hour jog. Got slightly geographically embarrassed (lost). And did 1.20. The lads were not best pleased. Good job only 1 of them caught me.

    Thanks once again for the lines, much appreciated....
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