Hi, I am doing a duathlon on 1st Oct. It’s a 10 mile XC run + 16 mile XC MTB ride. I am fine with my biking and have tried a 6 mile run + 12 mile ride albeit with a comfortable transition of 15 minutes. I have now run 10 miles twice. I am not going to win with my run time but I won’t get lapped, if I am out for another 3 miles then I might !!!!!

I started running at the end of June. I have dropped half a stone and can't see anymore coming off as I am looking lean but I am stocky lad. The trouble is the 10 miles are killing my knees, I am weighing 13st 10lb now. Due to my knees I have been running twice a week. I have been building up my long run on a Wednesday evening (now 10 miles) and are moving my shorter run to the weekend followed by a ride up until the event. Now I know I am good for the distance I was wondering whether or not I should back off to 6 or 7 mile mid week runs to aid recovery or stick with the 10 miles?


  • Are you running on the road?

    XC is less demanding on the knees.

    Are your trainers fitted propely?

    Where is this duathelon?
  • My long run is road/pavement. I don't get out until about 8.30 - 9.00pm. The last 3 or 4 miles REALLY drag as I have a long gradual hill with a few false flats.

    The shorter weekend run is XC with a bit of road around part of my MTB circuit.

    The duathlon is http://www.dalbeattiehardrockchallenge.org

    My trainers aren't great. I think they are more cross trainers. Now I have proved that running isn't a passing fad I ought to buy some decent running shoes. I used to do a LOT of gym work and really built my quads up which caused my patella's to be pulled to the outside - years ago I dislocated the left one twice. I still do some of the physio exercises when its bad but my biking really helps my ankle and knee recovery. Used to teach 24 Step Aerobics classes a week years ago and never really got over ankle and knee aches.
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