Great North - 3 weeks

Just a quick request for a "what to do now".. my ankle has been giving me problems for the past few weeks. I've changed my trainers and they seem to just about right now - however, too much running around town in flat shoes with not cushioning has aggravated my ankle (yes I know..), which feels sort of like a shin splint on the inside of my left leg and my ankle is pretty sore.

I'm supposed to be running the GNR in a few weeks and as I've now got quite a bit in sponsorship don't want to pull out - I will walk it if I have to.

What's the best thing for me to do now? The ankle gives me some jip when I start running on it, but this goes after a couple of miles.. should I continue to train on it, or would it be best for me to just do non-impact stuff and try to get my fitness and endurance up in ways that won't hurt (elliptical/swimming)? My longest run has still only been 6 miles, so I'm resigned to run/walk anyway.

We have a fizz in work I could see, but she only works two days a week and I won't be able to get in to see her until the middle of next week now anyway.

Once this run is over, I'm going to take it easy and build up really slowly from scratch again, I'd just appreciate some advice as what would be the best thing for me to do for the next three weeks!


  • You say that it's OK once you've done a mile or two.
    Do you get any pain when you have finished your run?
  • Yup.. once I've cooled down again its back to being a nagging pain around the ankle area. I pretty much limp the first mile and seems to ease a bit after that, but still not comfortable - still an ouch on each left foot fall.
  • Not sure what to advise, I think in your position I'd be tempted to risk it, but i can't help thinking that's asking for trouble.
  • Are you icing the injury ?
  • Only after I've been out for a run.. maybe its worth doing it more often???
  • Definitely rest it for a bit - get into the pool and swim, or try the eliptical trainer in the gym if that doesn't aggravate it. Have you actually given it any rest at all, or have you been battling on hoping to get away with it?
  • Battling on.. :(

    Been given it extra icing and seems to be going quite quickly.. so going to stay off it and keep up endurance swimming instead!

    Thanks for the support though, was getting really worried!
  • Sounds like th eextra ice may be helping, T.

    Take it easy, and maybe see the fizz at work that you mentioned.

    If a police officer had a personal physiotherapist, would they be a fuzz-fizz ?
    (I shall get my coat)

  • LOL - that's really bad.. but it made me laugh anyway. Yup ice seems to be doing the trick for sure.. fingers crossed! :)
  • If you are actually limping that sounds quite bad...

    I'm a newbie really, and no medical training but... if it's only 3 weeks to go isn't it getting towards taper time anyway? Maybe better to rest up? And definitely see that physio as soon as possible! Even if it feels a bit better with rest: better safe than sorry.

  • Exactly Rowan.. not doing anything now until the run except swimming!
  • Poor toomuch - but resting definitely sounds like the best plan. Better to not train and be able to walk the race, than train but neither be able to walk or run cos you're injured:-(
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