Lucozade Sport

Anyone else noticed how different the various versions of that yummy drink Lucozade Sport taste?

The stuff in the squeezy pouches is almost as vile as the concentrated liquid version you can buy to dilute yourself. But the sport powder's bearable - whilst the really top notch stuff is the vastly overpriced ready made up drink in the sports bottle thats too large too hold whilst running and too expensive to buy anyway. I reckon I could do a blindfolded taste test and tell you what container the drink came from.

Yes OK it is Sad when you start to become an expert on the stuff ....


  • Hi SS, I use the ready made stuff (orange) but tried the free sachet of lemon flavour powder that came with Runners World earlier this year I found that it left undisolved bits in the bottom of the bottle.

    All the best

  • the only one I can stomach is the grapefruit one, which only comes in the grossly overpriced made up bottles, typical!

  • Yuk! I can manage the orange one even though it has a strange aftertaste. The powder version DOES taste very different and I think its a bit gritty. The red one is truly terrible.

    Tangerine Powerade is the best I've tasted although I have a (probably irrational) fear that anything made by the Coke people can't be good for me.

  • BarklesBarkles ✭✭✭
    Last year I ran with isostar, with a backup pouch of Lucozade Sport. ON the occasion I needed it I couldn't believe how sweet it tasted compared to the isostar- it was like a smack in the mouth!
    I have to admit to liking the taste tho'

    Doesn't it make the road sticky in FLM tho'.
  • I agree Barkles, having said that I still prefer Isostar. I am sure that the sticky road though cost time on the FLM. I really think those elite runners could think of the meer mortals that have to come behind them and make less mess.
  • BarklesBarkles ✭✭✭
    The sticky road must have cost me nearly two hours! - That's what went wrong!
  • I was thinking the same, Barkles, watch-out mens elite, here comes Barkles and SB, when we can unstick ourselves from the lucazade sport....
  • I hate the stuff whether in pouch or bottle, it's too sweet and I'm naturally suspicious of big brands with huge marketing budgets. I'm sure most runners would do perfectly well on diluted squash with a pinch of salt in it but oh no, we fall for it every time thinking we must have a 'scientifically formulated sports drink'! For all that, I use Isostar on long runs.
  • Oh no! I guess that means the slippery road in the Jubilee 10 gave me an unfair PB.
  • To me, Lucozade is still the pure glucose stuff in the clear orange, cellophane wrapped bottle i was given when i was a kid and was ill. I've never been able to stomach it when i;m well, and certainly not for running.
  • It's seems a shame to me that FLM seem to put the interests of the runners below that of their sponsorship deal revenue. I mean, over a number of years now they've offered the worst 2 sports drinks on the market (those that both taste the worst and have the least independent research back-up). The only thing for any sensible runners to do is carry the extra weight of their own drinks / gels around with them.
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    I don't mind the lemon flavour Lucozade, but can't stand the orange. However, given the choice I would choose High5 over any Lucozade Sport drink.
  • If I'm buying pre-made then I agree with Dangly the 'original' lucozade is still the best.

    Of the new sports drinks I prefer Powerade but at home I use powdered Isostar before / after long run and dilute Robinsons Lemon Barley after short ones.

    Not sure about the pinch of salt idea.
  • I've tried the diluted OJ with a pinch of salt and it worked fine. I don't drink Lucozade sport any nore because it tates horrible, though I did drink it at FLM - thoughts of what would happen if I didn't, and I didn't want to carry my own drinks.

    Lucozade has to be a lot better than that Liquid Power stuff they had in FLM 2001, I thought I would be very very sick if I had to drink any more of that stuff, yuk.
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Agree about Liquid Power being yuk. I wouldn't even drink it when they had it London. In fact the year I ran London and that was the drink, I drank only water and did a better time than this year when drinking Lucozade.
  • Has anyone tried the Olympus Hypotonic stuff that seems to be being promoted heavily at JJB ?
  • The Olympus stuff is all the things they suggest you avoid in an energy drink (Fructose/Sucrose)... I've read somewhere that glucose is better... can't remember why though!

    Isostar is nice, tastes good and it seems to work... Also doesn't hve nasty, sticky texture!
  • I quite like Powerade, even though it is a radioactive blue colour, like cobalt 90 glowing in the dark. Can't bear the Lucozade pouches - too syrupy, but have been known to imbibe Orange bottled Lucozade Sport, despite aforementioned extortionate price.

  • Thanks Jon - MrSS - who does no exercise at all - started using the Olympus stuff - said he really liked it.

    However at the moment - FREE with every tub of Lucozade Sport powder ( end of advert) is a water bottle with the words '33% LONGER' emblazoned on it. Funny co-incidence or what - but MrSS has started drinking the stuff...don't think it'll work...I'll let you know!!
  • I drink Lucozade in its various forms before or after running but find it far too syrupy to run with (unless I dilute it down)

    I normally stick to Powerade while running (Blue or orange but not green)

  • thirty years of running and i recon you cant beat good old h2o
  • On a long run it's just water with a stop off at anewsagents for a bottle of the traditional fizzy orangy lucozade and a couple of those long chewy sweets with stuff in the middle, bobs your uncle, I'm good for another 6 miles.
  • Monique

    Can't handle any thing fizzy while out running - I feel like I'm going to explode ;o)

  • Acouple of burps, trying not to startle old ladies and I'm on my way!
  • Could I be the only person who actually likes the orange bottled lucozade sport?
    I was very pleased when London Marathon changed to it from Liquid Power...
    not that I got in last year. I do have a very sweet tooth though (although, so far, no
    fillings to show for it). I tried Powerade but could bearly swallow it. Come to think,
    I had the same reaction the first time I tried Liquid Power but developed quite a
    taste for it after a few months.

    I once bought a bottle of fizzy water to carry round with me on my run by mistake.
    After twenty mins running I unscrewed the top and got such a violent eruption I
    dropped the bottle in a river. I hope the fish were happy

  • I like it and besides if it's too sweet dilute it down you get more for your money then.
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