FLM 2007

er ...


  • I have heard on the grapevine that a few people are thinking about it, is that any help?
  • yeah i may one of the 100,000 or so who applied by ballot
  • I'm not sure if I want to do it yet.
    Can I just turn up on the day and run?

    I've seeen lots of people in fancy dress Is it a more of a fun run?
  • Is it far?
  • I think it's over rated, and it smells.

    Nobody else apply for a ballot place

    that's it Max......they may fall for it.
  • I heard that aswell Max, but I am pretty sure that it is one of those 'turn up on the day and run' things.

    NT, DV says (I think it was DV) that it is further than the local pie and chip shop if that helps. My brother has done it a couple of times, he works in London and lives in Bristol so I am pretty sure he didnt have any time to train for it so it can't be THAT far.

  • So, does anyone know how do I get to the start ?

    .... etc etc
  • Apparently there is a limo that comes to your door to pick you up in the morning :o)
    Can't quite remember who told me but I have it on good authority he is a reliable source :o)
  • Welsh Alex, you come out of my flat and turn left for about 2 miles then right turn and walk for another 1.5 miles......well that's what I do anyway.
  • So no limo then Max :o(
  • Everywhere I've read indicates the odds of being selected are 1 in 5. Does that include foreign entries as well? I am from the USA and wondered if they select a certain number of foreign entries. With my luck, the odds on the foreign ballot is probably worse than 1 in 5.

    I absolutely love London and the UK and I will be keeping my fingers crossed until December.

    Regarding one of the above posts, I know the following is not true: very quiet... no support, few runners

    However, what about the second half of the post: crap medal no tee or goody bag and really not worth the effort. Is that true, too??

    Good luck everyone. I will hope to see you all in London in the Spring. Cheers.
  • British humour is clearly wasted on PJM!!

  • Yes, good luck PMJ :-) Lol !
  • sarcasm & irony (no not ironing)PJM.......it's what we thrive on.
  • So is anyone thinking of doing it then?
  • Depend what else I got on on that day!!
  • I'm thinking of doing this one. Is it on or off road. I'd like to know because I can then subsequently post on what would be the most suitable shoe for an overpronator from Yorkshire, with a house numbered 85, who has no pet dog.
  • I think its road and you run past the queens house
  • And some big ship thing...
  • Doesn't Elton mind?
  • Will the queen be there with a hosepipe and jelly babies outside her gate? If so I might do it cos she's quite a nice old bird and might like to adopt me.

    Otherwise, not sure I can be bovvered. It's a bit low-key for me.
  • Elton with hospipe and jelly babies...now there's a thought!!
  • yeh she will be there and she doesnt mind if you use her loo either
  • How far is it?
    Can I wear tennis shoes?

    Will a "garmin" work and help me run?.........

    oh and can I pay on the day?
  • I iz finkin of doin it.
    Does you go pass iny kebab shops?
  • Is this a new race?
  • Its not new FL just doesn't get much publicity.
    The Queen might rustle you up a kebab if you write to her.
  • Come on you bunch of woosies, get up and at 'em, what's the worst that can happen?
  • Can I bring my dog?
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