Something for Dodge and Candy to spiritedly discuss?


  • He was hit twice while wearing a helmet...

    ...but he's still alive and has enough cognitive function to write a paper on it.

    Nuff said.
  • I am more likely to hit you if you are wearing a bike helmet, yes, scientific fact.


    In the last heated debate on this topic (the one where I was unfairly and very rudely railed against by all and sundry, the one including all the personal insults directed my way etc) I squarely supported the no helmet side and still do. This new study supports that view but for different reasons.
  • Earl.. can you just clarify this.. are you saying that of two cyclists riding along under identical conditions, the one wearing the helmet is more likely to be hit than the one not wearing a helmet? If so, are you suggesting that the helmet itself is some kind of beacon that attracts negligent drivers??

  • DV:The report says that yes.- I think the belief is that car drivers are more careful of non-helmet wearing cyclists.

    But no, I don't believe it was the basis of the original argument.
  • Read the link DV.
  • Nahhhhhhhh cba, can I just rally against you as an all and sundry Dodge ?
  • Who do you think you are, Colin McCrae (or whatever his name is)?
  • No stoopid,im Nicko!!!! Cant you fekkin read???
  • Helments at dawn(not purpule ones!)

    Seeing as Roadbike cyclists are more likely to be in the road(where our wheels and tires are under less threat) and we are MORE LIKELY to wear helments we are ones more often to be hit.

    Most who don't wear helments don't care for road safty and stay on the pavments where they cause the predestians to call us all lycra louts.

    fecking stats more fecking stats and more time wasted by acafeckingdemia.

    BTW grouse are more likely to be shot than other birds because where they live. Not because every toff wants them dead. all BULLSH*T.

    <gets down of soapbox>
  • I loved this the last time... But only after I'd met Dodge and had gone home on my bike without me lid...

    Seriously though. I've slammed my bonce into the back of a van and I don't really think that there'd be much working of my brain if I hadn't been wearing a lid...

  • ps. Can't we all just get along?

    It is Christmas, after all.
  • DM
    feck off about xmas......unless you want to buy my a prezzie :-0

    Yes I wear a helment. Not that i have anything in my head worth protecting
  • That's not very nice... Where is the good will? It is the season for it, after all.
  • ROFL!
    I will check the shops for they xmas ad's now.
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