The Easy Runner Sodbury Slog



  • Are you going too Lurkie, you will get your bottom wet in the puddles :-D
  • Don't forget to wear your Poppy .... it's on Remembrance Sunday!!!!
  • First time for me - I'm a road runner (well plodder) usually. what can I expect apart from mud? What's a reasonable time - I don't really want to be last.
  • How dirty does this slog thingy get! I don't like to get my hair wet!

  • Rachel: you might be lucky but then again ......

    Depends whether you fall over in the river near the end, or in the lake, about halfway, or if you sink to such a depth in the lake that you have to be hauled out.....

    Deepdown: sort of time, a long time, like the rest of us !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sounds like my kind of race then Blobster.

    Where has the main thread gone

  • Rachel - I feel over in the river 3 times last year!!! It gets dirty!! Yee har!! Slog mud is something to behold and experience! Yes indeedy!!

    Shame I'm not doing it this year but to help everyone else out...


  • Oops I meant fell not feel - LOL!
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