Confidence at all time low!

Following sub 4:30 programme for third time but can not seem to get near previous times! Did a sub 2 half at this time 2 years ago but plodded in at 2:19 at Vrynwy this weekend....and even that wasn't easy!
Just can't seem to accept that i've faded so badly in what seems relatively short time. I've been running for 4 and a half years and it doesn't seem right to have peaked in only my 3rd year and to now be crashing and burning!
Have put on about 10lbs in this time...could that be it? Have run regularly with the odd couple of weeks "holiday". No serious illness. Not pregnant! Read back through my training log for last 2 marathons and can't get over the differences in times. husband has started running...and he's way better than me already!!!

Bit sad....fed up.....

Stop training and enjoy it again? Easy to say...hard to do. I'm not even a good runner....just a plodder with something to prove to myself alone!

Thanks for listening!!!!!


  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭
    Hi LisaT

    I can sympathise with you totally. I've just come back from my worst 3 miles ever. I'm too embarrassed to even say what time I did it in. My best year was last year and that was only my second year of running, whilst this year I've seriously bombed. I know I've put on a tiny bit of weight this year and I've just had 3 weeks out on holiday, but even at the beginning of the year my times started increasing before I put on the weight.

    It's really disheartening me so much so that I'm dreading the next run in case it's as bad as today. I'm bit sad and fed up too with it.

    What shall we do?

  • Go and read Stickless et al's posts on "I've lost my running mojo" (sorry no linky thing)

    It got me out for a plod but I think the sentiments apply to you two too! :-)
  • Bless you! Sure we are not alone!

    I honestly think your 3 weeks holiday will be why you had a tough time tonight.

    Strangely, when i respond to you it seems right to say that we all have off times, you might be going down with a bug, etc, etc......but know that doesn't really help at the minute to you!!!

    Being positive....novelty! least we're out there many aren't.
    We WILL have good runs again. My husband will fall back in love with Sky sports and his ipod and give up running faster than me.....

    Still not sure why it's so hard now though?

    I'm going to do speedwork here's hoping speed comes in to it!

    Chin up!
  • Ok. Warning: this is going to be long-winded. No advice, but tons of empathy.

    June 2005 I went from 40 miles a week (very slow!! - I'm not a training forum person!!) to absolute zero through injury.
    Tried to get back after eight months, no go. Several false starts after that until June 2006. yes, a whole year!!

    Fully accepted it would be back to square one, and for two days did the walk/shuffle that I'd started at three years previously. But it actually only took about five trips before I ran for 20 minutes, and then 30. So - far from being back to square one (zippy, young or otherwise Good Runners please move along to next thread) ;o) I pootled along happily for several weeks, just enjoying being out there again. I didn't even wear a watch, let alone a HRM.


    Life, injury recurrence and other stuff have got in the way of my returning to the 5-6 days per week I used to do. It's been sporadic, something that wouldn't actually worry me if I hadn't signed up for [glares at Candy Ollier] the New Forest Half, which is on Sunday. In the past four weeks I have run three times. Then I - VERY rarely for me - got sick last week and I've only just had my first full day's nutrition.

    I have come sooooooo close to cancelling Sunday, but you know what? It may take me three hours (truly!) but I actually don't mind too much. I mind, yes, but not tooooo much.

    It's just a training run for Grim.

  • Most of us have been there and sympathise - for what it's worth I agree with Johnny on the probable reason.
  • Re the 10lbs

    If you think of yourself as having a power output (yes just like a car) then because power = weight x distance / time
    (distance / time = speed)
    if your weight goes up, but your power output remains the same, you get slower.

    I currently weigh about 190lbs, and have recently been racing 6miles in about 50mins. if I lost 19lbs I should be able to get my time down to 45mins, which is close to my pb.
    Pity I like food so much.
  • hmm interesting. Similar - best times in second year of running. Running 3 1/2 years. Out with injury for 3 1/2 months, coming back since April. Times nowhere near what I used to get.

    But I am now heavier too! Which is where the thought comes in.

    Not overweight at all. 5ft 9" and 10st 3lbs, but in my second year of running I was 9st 7lbs, so signifiacntly lighter.

    Don't know if I'll get back to that weight though, but I guess if I'm heavier I'm not gonna run so fast either!

    Like BDavid - I love food, especially chocolate! :0)

    So I guess if you could lose the weight your running would improve too. But I also think there is a balance to find. Its finding it thats tricky!

    Best of luck.
  • Thanks all!

    Damn....thought the weight was the issue!

    Feel low about poor running, eat more, get slower....vicous circle....but have done it before, so must bite the bullet and do it again!

    Always find that during marathon training i gain weight but must over compensate for being starving most of time. Aware i need to eat more protein, so will hang my head in shame and return to "fat club" and sort it out!

    Did speedwork on treadmill today and was relatively pleased!

    I wish i didn't have so many friends and colleagues who do NO exercise and eat what they want..and here's us racking up the miles and judging what we can eat and can't! Still, my heart is healthier and there's nothing like thr finishing line of a marathon!

    Thanks really helps..
  • Lisa,
    I know it's hard not to get hung up on times, the longer you're out there the harder it is. But you're doing it - just try to enjoy it and throw away the watch. If you are hungry you need to eat. I don't know how some people survive on what they eat!
    Life is all about balance - relax and enjoy.
  • Hi All

    Another observation:
    If the increase in weight is muscle (OK you can stop laughing now) then your power output goes up and may compensate for the increase.
  • Much as I respect the views of my learned friends (above), I have to say that I don't believe that the 10lbs is going to make THAT much difference to someone who runs 4:30 marathons.

    Sub 3, perhaps - sub 3:30 at a pinch.

    But what's BEHIND the 10lb weight gain might be much more important.
  • erm... in case that sounds impossibly lofty and elitist, 4:30 is a time of which I would DREAM!!
  • Chase that dream lil leopard.
  • 'k den

  • NZ are a wise woman!

    Eat as healthy as poss, enjoy the run, STOP stressing (story of my life!)and inspire my kids, who now, incidentally, run round the garden shouting "dig in, last mile!" to each other!!!

    Going to Brum tomorrow to buy new kit to make me feel great and to eat bacon butty in Selfridges......that's what it's about!!!

    Did 8 miles this morning with gradient on treadmill listening to Harry!

    Sub dream to!
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