Lack Of Motivation

Don't get me wrong, I love running. In fact, I have been running two years and I think I have come a long way.

Trouble is this. I was training for the Cardiff marathon in October. Then I get a chest infection, lose three weeks training and now I just cannot be arsed to get back into it.

I feel like I am getting fatter and slower by the second and I seem to find any excuse not to go running.

I can't be the only one to have experienced this. So please...I need sum wise words to get me off my rather lardy backside .


  • oh dappy
    now look mate

    we all get this
    sometimes, you just have to be a little tough on yourself

    you WILl be ok for cardiiff-but maras, as i always say, are unrpedictable beasties
    so, you might not get the time you want
    but you can aim to get round in comfort(i wish i could)

    so, dont tyr and catch up, or think about what you did before
    you had a setback
    regroup, replot your time and do the sensible amount of trainig you can do before the day

  • And another thing. I am running Bristol Half this Sunday. My longest run in the last three weeks has been 10 miles (3 wekks ago!).

    My pb for a half is 1.40. I am starting to wonder whether I am actually going to finish :(
  • and another thing
    if you physicaly COUKLDNT run-would you be moaning????????

    BET you would

    er, you can finish a half on 5 miles training and you know it

    it wont be a pb, but it will be a long run you might otheriwse not do
  • Cheers PH.

    I think I may run/walk it. I aint been over 16 miles for months.

    You on the other hand, run marathons without batting an eye!
  • thats crap
    i dont
    i suffer all the way round
    EVERY mara
    read my reports if you dont believe me

    I know there are people who deride what i do, and thats upset me today-but right now its not about time

    personally, i think if youy are REALLY bothered about time , then withdraw
    otherwise, do the best you can under the circs
    ther will be other maras
    but you want to do this one dont you
  • I wasn't having a dig PH. I admire you. How the hell you do it is beyond me. It takes me on average 6 months to get over a marathon whether I run it quickly or slowly.

    I do want to do Cardiff you are right.

    I actually feel pretty foolish starting this thread tonight .

    I just started to read the inspire a runner thread after I started this one.

    You also me made me think. What the hell am I moaning about?!

    At least I can run.

    And you are so right about me wanting to do has nothing to do with time. My dad had 12 hours of surgery week before last to remove cancer. Amazingly, he is coming home tomorrow. I am running the Cardiff mara. for pancreatic cancer research fund.

    Trying to organise my thoughts at the moment! I think with all the worry, I forgot about running. It became an irrelevance. Now the worry has been lifted, I have realised how disappointed I am that I am now not 'ready' for something I would really enjoy testing myself at.

    But I have to conclude that you are right what you said in your first post!

    Thanks PH, all I needed was a virtual slap. Will dust off my shoes and get back out there tomorrow :)
  • To hell with time. Remember why you started running in the first place. We are never going to be olympic class, so try to enjoy it.

    great new pic.

  • I know you weeren ripped dap
    i refer to summat else on here

    we are in running for the long term
    we will all have good and bad periods

    some of us have times when we cant run
    so, we go out, and we do the best we can

    yeah-i could sense you neede to do cardiff
    just enjoy the day mate

    I wish your dad a speedy recovery
    please dont feel foolish
    no need
    we all have these times, even without what you have ben through
  • ta dale

  • HEY,

    Been there before and i'm there now- it's all about getting OUT there and worry about time or finishing later. TRUST me once you get going you'll want to finish--- after all who wants to be one who drops out of the race????

    NOT YOU!!!!

    good luck and happy trails to ya
  • Hey Dappy

    Remember why you entered the run in the first place.. I'm in a very similar position - I've been so worried/stressed I've been getting panic attacks, have had to drop my ou degree courses, screwed my ankle and still got the great north to do in a few weeks - but I'm going to do this even it means hobbling as the charity is very specific to me (bowel cancer uk). I've watched her go through so much and I'm sure you feel the same, the runs are nowt in comparison. Some of us are in the same boat, so stop flapping about it and making excuses, get your ass out there.

    And PH I'm always amazed with your achievements and you've been a complete inspiration to me at least.
  • hey
    I am not going through what you two are

    there would be a lot of people not running at all under the circumstances
    you lot are runners
    we just do it-right?
    see you there
  • Thanks people, from the bottom of my heart. I feel much better this morning and my ass is going to be out that door as soon as I get home from work tonight ;)
  • it had better... or I'll be waiting to smack ya bum!
  • Glad that you're feeling more positive today Dap. No need to feel foolish though, you told your friends that you were feeling low - what's wrong with that??

    You know that you will do your mara, even if you don't manage the time you first hoped. But that's not your motivation anyway, so try not to worry about it.
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