KIT !!!!

OK guys, this is your last chance to get those cheques sent to me! [THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO CAPS - THE CUT OFF DATE IS THE END OF THE MONTH FOR THOSE) I need to have the cheques to me by Friday at the latest or your order will not go through !!

I'm not around for the next couple of days (much) - so any of you who have sent me emails - don't worry I will pick them up and if there are any problems I will let you know.

Could someone boing this for me as required so everyone gets chance to read this (thanks)


  • well if you can't tell the difference by now PB, then God help Mrs PB.

    p.s. boobies (usually) have nipples on 'em.
  • the way some guys were bleeding at FLM last year,I reckon there's more than one nippless chap pounding the streets!
  • YES! Always wanted to BOING Foxy!!
  • Actually, I think there should be a comma somewhere above or it might be open to misinterpretation (or not!!)
  • I sent my cheque last October/November - does this mean that t-shirts are on the way??
  • Boing boing boing.

    Thanks Foxy I enjoyed that!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I'm going for bottom, then again it could be a cleavage view...
  • Sooo Foxy, if the orders going in at the end of the month, would we get kit in time for London d'ya reckon ?

    Thank yoooooouuu !

  • LOL Snoop!

    Thanks for doing this Foxy.
  • boing for the fox what is wukking from den
  • the proliferation of baby language on these forums, particularly from a source not far removed from a town known for its ladies college, has been noted.

    Is ikkle wadger miffing her woxy den? :O)

  • [very full grown badger hard stare]
  • Thanks Foxy, I feel better now.
  • just checking in for the night -

    cougie - the aim is to get the kit in good time for FLM... [fingers crossed but there should be no reason why not]
  • oh and a big thankyou for boinging me all of those of you who did - very enjoyable [you cheeky lot !]
  • Glad you've checked in, what about the picture?
  • ok I know i'm late on the scene, but what's all this boinging about?
  • boinging is post of a message saying boing to push message to top of thread list on front page.
    or doing something nefarious with vulpines.
    i think i prefer the latter,myself...
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