Santa Dash 5K

As a co-world record holder (along with around 4,000 other runners) who paraded around the streets of Liverpool last December in assorted Santa costumes, I fully intend to have another bash at this one.

The event was a really good laugh and there was a fantastic atmosphere. It's for all the family (children, babies, dogs all there last year!!) and it was a fun way to bring my year of running to a conclusion.

Who else is up for it then? Tell your friends about it!!


  • I'm doing this - I really enjoyed it last year (thought it was a PW)

    I just loved the idea of running with thousands of people dressed as santa, I spent more time walking and looking at everyones costumes etc then I did running, but then I don't think that this race is ideal for a PB :-D
  • You're right there JJJ, it's definitely not ideal for a PB. But there again, I don't think it's meant to be! I think that this is one event where times are immaterial and the accent is firmly on fun and raising a bit of dosh for a local charity.

    It's not an accurately measured course, so any potential PB baggers would be disappointed. That said, with the numbers involved, it is nigh on impossible to build up a good head of speed, but even if you did, I found it gets darned hot in those Santa suits and the hats are extremely good at heat retention! I must have shed some weight during last years race - only to put it back on during the seasonal festivities of the weeks that followed!!

    The world record was confirmed for Liverpool following last years race but from what I read, L'pool are looking to try and beat their own WR this December!!
  • I'm a little bit confused about the entry form for this. It seems to say that you have to pay £12.50 to enter, and then promise to fundraise £20.

    So does this mean it effectively costs £32.50 to take part in the race? I was going to suggest to some mates going for a Christmas night-out type thingy on the Saturday night in Liverpool, then doing the Santa Dash in the morning. But I doubt I could convince them if its £32.50 (including sponsorships) rather than just being able to pay the £12.50.
  • Apparently Las Vegas are going to try to beat Liverpools record in december
  • But it won't beat newtown in wales record.

    for the most santas having a drunken fight!
  • W-Dave - I've not seen an entry form for this year yet but £12.50 sounds about right, even though the entry for last years Dash was only £10 (from memory). Even with a 25% increase, it is still pretty good value as it includes the cost of your full Santa outfit and after last years race, we got what is probably the best stocked goody bag I've ever had after a race - and that includes the FLM!!

    The bit about each participant raising £20 in sponsorship was there last year too. Like most things, it's the serious bit of a fun event, where people can have a good laugh from doing the Dash but also do a bit of good in the process. Of course, it's up to each entrant as to how they cover the £20, if you choose to stump for it yourself then yes, it does effectively cost you £32.50 to enter! However, it doesn't take much effort to raise £20 by doing a very simple sponsored event at a workplace or club or even amongst a group of mates in the pub one night!

    Last year, I decided to adapt the football card theme that is commonly used as a fundraiser, only instead of it being a grid containing the different names of football teams, I substituted this for a range of finishing times that I might do in the race. I split the most likely 5 minute period that I would expect to run approx 5k into 30 boxes of 10 secs per box and people guess at your predicted finish time. If you charge £1 per box, you raise £30 which is split £10 to the winner and £20 to the charity. Problem solved and it doesn't cost you any extra!!
  • I'm deffo doing again. i did it last year and it was a laugh. I could run til about half a mile in tho, cos of the amount of santas and narrow roads.
    After the run, was even funnier, loads of santas walking around liverpool shopping!
    This is a FUN run, no seriousness please!
  • The above should read ' couldNT run til about half a mile in'
  • Sounds like a great laugh!!

    Is there ample parking for reindeer??
  • Loads of parking for reindeer, El Sparrow, and a really nice family event. Did the 5k last year, then escorted my little lad in the under 12s 1 mile race. (He came second, I came 3rd...)

    No chips, no prizes, but a really great way to kick off the festive season, even if it does get really hot in the felt Santa suit, and you do breathe in a whole bunch of beard in the sprint finish. I'm bringing a whole posse this year, on the basis that it's good for your 'elf.

  • Thanks Boycs. The problem I'm going to face as that all the people I want to talk into doing it would be looking to fundraise mostly from each other. So it wouldn't really work. But the football card idea is a good one.

    I hadn't considered suggesting something more constructive than just asking for cash donations so will try to come up with ways to convince people the sponsorship fee is easily achievable.
  • I've heard that it is a really gr8 event, and I'm booking me and the kids in for this one! I saw a piccy of the one in Manchester, I think it was, last year. It looked truly amazing to see so many Santas in one place. Might then do the Newtown one next year - which I understand isn't happening this year?
  • hi..i did this last year, it's a great event! just don't forget where you leave you car tho!!! my friend and i ended up with a parking ticket as we couldn't find the car park...:-0

    ..also, do you have to enter kids? or can you just bring them along on the day?
  • Lynne, you do have to enter kids, and they get a little santa suit as part of the entry fee too.
  • brilliant! i'm going to see if there are kiddy places left!
  • I'm doing it, so is my other half, some of my non running friends and probably half the people I work with.. its fun.. and alittle insane .. and its Santa!![/b}
  • just bloody hot under those beards lol!
  • This sounds brilliant - Does anyone know if there are any more around the country besides Liverpool and Newtown?
  • I think there's one in Oswestry planned as well. The Newtown one was due to take a rest so Oswestry stepped forward to hold the event in aid of Hope House, but now the Newtown event is back on.

    Very confusing isn't it...

    I'm sure there are loads more around the country, it's just that these were the only ones I know about. I'm leaning towards the Oswestry one mainly due to it being my preferred charity out of the Liverpool, Newtown and Oswestry options.
  • The photos on-line look brilliant - a sea of Santas!! It's a long way to Liverpool from Durham tho!


  • British Heart Foundation are doing on in Manchester on 17th December. It looks like this is most likely to be the one I'll be doing now.

    BHF are also doing Ruddington (near Nottingham), Birmingham and Cardiff on 10th December.
  • I'll be back for a third time
    As well as those listed above, there's also one in London, and there's been one in Isle of Man in the past, but this has got to be the biggest and the best.
    Don't expect a PB - the Big Dig continues, so who knows where the course will be this year. The only thing guaranteed is the Fun part of Fun Run
  • Exactly RwandaMan! It's not an event to get het up about but one to be enjoyed!

    Thanks W.Dave for posting about the BHF event in Manchester - might look into that!
  • But you get a PB dressesd as santa!

    granted you won't beat the real one.
    The speed he goes xmas day :-0
  • Now seriously training for this one. I need to put on 6 stone in 8 weeks (want to be authentic) so I can get a PB dressed as the fattest Santa (it's the only PB I'll get this year!!)......or next.

    Pass that pie.........
  • Yep - I'll be doing this one too. This year, however I will be running in an adult suit - ran last year in a child's suit which was certainly 'interesting'!!

    The only problem I also discovered is that if you lose your mates whilst running you haven't a hope of finding them as everyone, or course, looks the same!!
  • Think ive got roped into entering this one with a few family members! i wont be taking it seriously tho as its the l&d xc race the day before so will probably just jog round... I wasnt given an option on sizes when i entered, do they just send out a one size fits all santa suit?!
  • Yup, that's right toffee, so you might have to be nifty with a needle and thread, depending on how big you are!
  • I did this last year with my son - terrific fun and lots of brilliant photos.

    He did a couple of 2 mile runs beforehand at a respectable 9 minute mile pace but he struggled with the hills in the city centre on the day and got very hot in the Santa suit so our time was more like 35 minutes.

    This year he wants to do a few more training runs and beat 30 minutes - I think he might be influenced by his Dad?

    Castle street was jam packed and it was almost impossible to get into any of the coffee bars to meet up before or after the race. Both my Wife and Mum came to support my son but they couldn't find us in amongst the thousands in identical suits. If anyone wants to meet up for a coffee or perhaps something stronger after the race then it might be a good idea to decamp to the Albert dock or somewhere away from the thick of it - but you must still wear the suit!

    My wife took a sponsorship form into work and most people were impressed that a 12 year old was running 5k - he earned quite a bit of money for charity.
  • Does anyone know what the nominated charity is for this year? It helps, when asking people for money, if you can tell them what it's for.

    Looking forward to the atmosphere anyway.
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