Santa Dash 5K



  • Hi, does anyone know what time the Santa Dash starts? Is it in the morning?
  • Daft question but when do i get my santa suit and what if it doesn't fit !!!!
  • It's an early start - 9:30 for the last couple of years, so if you're planning to come from outside the area, you may struggle

    In contrast, suits arrive late ! Usually just a week or so before the event. They are one size - if it doesn't fit you look even more ludicrous. Unless you're handy with a needle and thread. There are prizes for 'best' santa outfits, so you are allowed to alter them
  • Thanks for the info RwandaMan.

  • Yes, it was early last year,i remember having trouble getting a taxi there. it was funny seeing everyones faces with 3 santas in a taxi, lol. 9;30am sounds about right. and dont worry if your santa suits dont fit, we all looked great last year, baggy suits and all.
    Ive got about 10 doing it with me this year,i'm really looking foward to it
  • Hi, looks like i'll be doing this one alone, can't get any of the family or friends to come along for what sounds like a fantastic day. Never mind their loss, really looking forward to this one.
  • I'm doing both the run in Liverpool on the 3rd and the run in Salford on the 17th. I have talked my sister and a couple of work colleagues into joining me on both runs, it should be great fun, and will keep us going with our training until after christmas as well as raising money for a worthy cause.
  • I am running this for the first time. Sounds like loads of fun.
  • I've just entered online and it cot £14.50. It says only £12.50 on the website- can anyone shed any light on this? Has anyone else been charged that amount?
  • I think it's a administration charge.
  • Yes, having just checked the "enter online" section, it says "these prices include an online processing fee". Everyone take note - £12.50 entry fee by post - £14.50 online!!
  • There are two Santa events on the 2nd / 3rd December in Tatton Park and at Lancashire Cricket Ground if anyone from the Manchester / Cheshire area fancies joining in.

    They are only one mile, and just cost £6 for adults so better for me taking the family.

    I'm doing the Tatton Park one because you get free entry to the park as part of the entry fee and there's a lot going on that day. Check out
    A great cause too.
  • My suit and info arrived today. You could probably fit me, a few reindeer and a sleigh in there with us, too.... it's going to be a funny one!
  • I'm travelling up from Croydon especially for this one as I have family in Liverpool.
    My Uncle, (who did the Tunnel 10K in September with me) and my cousin are joining me for this and I will be aiming for a personal worst (my 5K time is 24:05). Something around the 40min mark should suffice!!
    This looks like being a proper big giggle :)
  • got my santa suit today, anyone think it would be a good idea for next year to have blue santa suits aswell as red?! i just dont like the colour
  • Santa suit arrived this afternoon.
  • I am still waiting for my Santa suit to arrive, hopefully will get it in next few days?
    Limping in Glossop, I have been trying to find the event at Tatton park that you mention. Is it Pip's Santa Dash? If so, it looks as though it has been cancelled! Which is a pity, I was hoping to get a bit more use from my santa suit..when it arrives.
  • hi are you all doing this race and if so are you doing it in fancy dress.
  • got race details 2 day but no santa suit yet???
  • not got anything through as yet
  • EC
    This is not a fancy dress run, everyone MUST dress as Santa to start the race. The suit is included in the entry fee. Last year some had customised their suit to stand out from the crowd.

    6 of us doing it this year all but one has received the suit.
  • Hi Pineapple'd
    Yes I just found out it was cancelled. Shame - my little girl was looking forward to it. I heard there is one being organised by RNIB (I think?) at Heaton Park but I don't know any more than that.

    Enjoy whichever ones you do anyway.

  • This should be great fun. I got my suit today, there are 4 of us running on the 3rd, in my group. one got his suit on saturday, the others today. They are massive.
  • At last, my Santa outfit has arrived, so I can go to the race. My wife and daughter thought I looked hilarious with it on!

    For your information "limping in glossop" the RNIB race in Heaton park is also on December 3rd, I am not that keen to do 2 runs in one day. The Liverpool one will probably finish me off with my santa shaped portable sauna suit.

    What modifications do people make to their suits to try and stand out in the crowds? I guess 5,000 or so Santas will look pretty well the same? Any polite suggestions?
  • last year, few people made sledges with reindees attached. can't be more than 5 feet in length tho
  • ...and Elvis Santas, Little Britain Santas (Lou and Andy), Flashing Light Santas, Christmas Tree Santas and plenty of plain Santas.
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  • Good idea toffee, I've been trawling the internet and ebay, and have yet to find a blue santa suit, (in colour that is, there have been quite a few "interesting" alternatives though!!!)

    If anyone knows how to get hold of one, please let me know....
  • Am coming along to support at this one and am looking forward to seeing an array of fit slender running santas, although it may confuse my 2 young kids;-)
  • ES/ST
    They must be available Derek Mountfield (ex everton) started the race last year and he had one. Have you tried the Everton shop? Be careful I 'googled' blue santa suit and got a hit that cost $119.
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