Santa Dash 5K



  • Have they published the number of Santa's that took part? Did we break the World record?

    I would like to try and find out as my sponsors keep asking me!
  • They didn't annouce it for a few months last year - so you may have a bit of a wait :-D

    I saw Sprinting Toffee - he pasted me at the half way point! And he was ahead of the lead car lol.

    This has got to be one of the best races :-D
  • A brilliant event really enjoyed as first publicly entered run!especially pushing a sled with 2 lazy Reindeer in !Smashing morning great exercise and lovely crowd.Needs more pre publicity though as I have met many people locally who didnt know about it and would have liked to attend as spectators and support.Well done to all concerned runners and organisers.
  • Loss Vegas – Liverpool retain the title!!!

  • Ydrib, where did you see the result?? Is it official??
  • The Liverpool Echo, reported it tonight go here to access the Echo website


  • Thanks for the blog ydrib nice to see the video footage. Can't wait till next years run - we need to beat the Americans again!!! So make sure everyone who ran this year brings along a friend. Merry Christmas everyone. Cathy
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