Fat Club - Wednesday 28th

Morning All

Well today is my 3 rd effort running.

Last night I went for my weigh in and was thrilled to have lost the 4lbs I'd gained over the previous week's holiday.

I'm putting it down to the increase in activity.

I've decided to do things slowly and follow the programme for getting started. My reason for running (at the moment) is just to increase my fitness. I'm not aiming for any major race. So hopefully all this fat replaced with heavier muscle wont apply just yet!

I'm quite aware how addictive exercise can be (after a while) so I'm sure my goals will change as my fitness increases.

Once again, many thanks for your encouragement and enthusiasm.



  • Yesterday I had a bad day, I had a bowl of porridge for breakfast, half a shaper sandwich for lunch and half a pot noodle for supper, I was stressed and I can't eat when stressed. I know this is good for losing weight but I want to do it the sensible way.

    Down to 71.5Kgs at the moment. 1.5Kg down from last week.
  • Hi Guys! weigh in tonight after speed session, just hoping it's not yet another no loss, it's getting disheartening!

    Nice one, Wotafool on your 4lb loss, keep it going!!
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    Way to go Wotafool! Going to try a gentle run on sore knee today and some horse riding 'cos it's such a lovely day. Had a good food day yesterday with no cheating, hooray.

    Good luck with the weigh-in Lamb and anyone else weighing today.
  • Morning!
    Well done Wotafool for keeping up the running. And well done everyone else, I can feel the willpower coming through these posts!
    Got home late last night but resisted temptation to go for take away and instead had chicken salad. Went to bed feeling very virtuous. Just have to try to keep it up for the rest of the week.....
    Horse riding sounds idyllic RH, no chance of that in London unless I hijack a horse in Hyde Park at lunchtime.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi Dumpling, I've always fancied riding in Hyde Park but today I'm going for a hack on Banstead Common followed by some dressage work.
  • Well done to those who lost today :)

    Sue -- I'm glad you're taking things slowly (unlike me) it's the best way to do it I think.

    lamb -- aww, I'm sure you'll be fine besides even if the scales are saying something contrary to what you believe, like V-rap says, chuck 'em out or at least I think in your case, I'd go more on what the fat measurements are rather than weight - your lean muscle mass is likely to be higher with all that exercise you do!

    I was bad last night. The Mr's Mum came around to the house to do her motherly-comforting-type thing (not that I needed it but she's a very sweet lady so I couldn't say no) which meant two things a) I missed the Bill (have been watching this storyline) and b) forgot to start dinner, consequently the mr decided to "pick something up" on his way home - which turned out to be KFC chicken burger. Yikes!! Two nights running with unhealthy food. I really must do some shopping :)
  • I've been bad.

    Very hard day yesterday early start 2 hour drive, sandwiches from the garage for brekkie, 7.5 hour meet including mini kiev's and chips grabbed in a half hour break, 2 hour drive home, followed by no food, two pints of Hobsons and a bottle of wine.

    Weighed in this am - lost 2.5lbs this week but this is probably a false reading caused by yesterdays behaviour.

    Hope to do a 3m later but not feeling good yet, as still hung over. I must not drink on an empty stomach ..... I must not drink on an empty stomach ..... I must etc.
  • Hi every one,
    I am so glad I read this thread. I am going to have a low fat yoghurt instead of the cheesecake (that is calling to me from the fridge!).
    Doing a 7.5k run this evening with my sister. we are training for the Alton 10K (our first one). I wish I could lose weight. Does anyone have any recommedations/secrets/or even sensible diet plans for us begininers?
  • Does anyone have any recommedations/secrets/or even sensible diet plans for us begininers?

    The only secret to dieting is:
    Eat less calories than your body expends.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Oh Mij, what a healthy diet.... NOT! Still, one day won't hurt ;-)

    Soozie (great name), agree with Gemini: eat less, exercise more, make sure what you're eating is healthy. Sorry there's no easy answer, just self denial and hard slog!
  • went out for lunch and was quite pleased with self... I didn't really like the soup (too salty) but I didn't just eat it anyway because it was there, as per usual!
  • I quite enjoy this time of my training cycle, as its peek / race phase – I find no matter how much I eat I still loose weight – in fact I have to compliment my diet with high carb drinks to get enough fuel :o)

    It’s a shame that this only last for 4-5 weeks of every 26-week cycle :o(

  • That sounds great - how does it work? I race a lot but still don't lose weight!!!
  • Weighed in today after a long weekend away, down the West Country, eating lots and drinking lots too. But went to the gym today with not much enthusiasim. I have lost another lb, so quite happy with that, although my skirt (first time on in over a year) didn't think I had lost anything. I remember when the damn thing fitted me !!!
    This week 1lb
    Since starting 2lb
  • Lamby

    It works because I am training 6 days a week up to 3 times a day, working on a lot of race speed efforts or long runs and rides

    Food is fuel and I'm burning it like it's going out of fashion

    The only down side is I can only maintain this type of intensity for a few weeks and then have to slow up - so this year the GNR will be after my race / peek phase has finished

    But the next one is timed to hit for London

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