Can anyone recommend a good sports nutritionalist in the South West (or on line)

Hi - does anyone know of a good sports nutritionalist (or a nutritionalist with a good understanding of sports issues) in the South West (I'm in Devon). Or even over the Internet.
What I'd like is for someone to devise an individual eating plan for me, taking into account the number of calories I need in relation to the training I do, and my lifestyle generally, including wheat intolerance, etc.
I did see a nutritionalist previously, but she seemed to have no idea about sports nutrition, and advised me to have virtually no carbs despite the exercise I was doing and I became very ill! Doh!!
Or maybe there is an online site I could use? Thanks.


  • Hi muffin

    while not a recommendation for a particular nutritionist, this fact sheet (about careers in sports nutrition) has contact information for relevant societies who will be able to help you find a qualified person in your area.

  • thanks Vanilla - I'll try that - good idea.
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