Loseley 10K & 4K

I think this is a new event, and I'm assuming a flat course.... am I right??

Hegs x


  • Dear Hegs

    I believe this is the first year of the race, but the surrounding area is very flat so I don't think it will be too challenging. I'm doing it too and looking forward to it. It will be only my 2nd 10K and am training hard!
  • Hi there, I've signed up to do this too, mostly because I've done some of the other races organised by the same people and they've been really good. Hopefully this one will be the same. Looking at a map of the area it should be quite a pleasant run.
  • I ran FLM this year for CHASE, so am just trying to keep supporting the charity - they are wonderful.

    Hadn't actually realised it was the first one - am assuming it's just around the grounds.... so pretty flat.

    Caroline - good luck with the training - I need to put in quite a bit more effort between now and then!

    Hegs x
  • I am thinking of doing this one, but it's two weeks after Abingdon mara so not sure???
  • Anyone know if it is full up yet?
  • Having had a right calf 'blow out' @ 7.5km 2 weeks ago at Manches Moor Park 10K, I am looking forward to 'getting back in the saddle' (so to speak!)This should be fun & is for a kids charity, which is always nice. C'mon & Burn Baby Burn!!
  • Possibly a bit late for this, but I just ran the Cancer Research 10k at Loseley, and it was far, far from flat. Assuming the same course (and there aren't a lot of options), then be prepared for hills - the CR10k course had 3 (1 long and steep, plus 2 other shorter but steeper). Having said all of that, for each of the ups, there's a down :-)

    It is a wonderful place too.

  • have people managed to enter this online as i tried and couldnt - through active europe ?
  • Dear Zel

    Yes, I used Active Europe - no problem for me I have to say. Hope you get it sorted out.

    Hegs: How are you getting on with your training? After the comments from Richie 2 regarding hills, I'm starting to panic slightly as although I did a lot of off road work in the Summer months with the light mornings, my runs are now limited to around my village which is dead flat!
  • OK, so mild panic is setting in at the prospect of hills! Must admit that being a 'local' i did think it might be hilly... My hopes for a sub-1hr are out the window then :o(

    I entered via Active Europe too with no problems.

    Anyone got any idea of the field size?? Just want to manage my own expectations around coming last.
  • I think the world and his wife are attending! Hegs, don't worry....my last 10K at Alice Holt last month, I came 4th from last in a field of 500, so don't worry.....I'll be behind you every step of the way!!
  • Caroline - my theory on being at the back of the pack, is that every Effort in Life needs someone in a supporting role! (No shame, say I).

    I'm hoping to drag a few Sandhurst Joggers along, possibly, the wife too !!

    Good Luck with training folks.

  • I just finished the SIS Poppy HIll Trail 10km 15th Oct. Came 49th out of 66 in my category. I shall be entering this to help me train for the Grim Challenge on the 3rd December. Looking forward to it.
  • Hi everyone,I have just entered in a bid to regain my motivation! Good luck my loves!
  • Me too - did the SIS Poppy Hill - it was my hilliest race yet and came in not far from the end.. I was hoping this wasn't quite as hilly, though in an odd kind of way I'm sort of masochistically liking the challenges of these "UNDULATING" runs..
  • Not long to go now folks.... am actually really looking forward to it since it is my first organised race since FLM in April :o)

    Have been GMAPing my training route around Guildford and am still hoping for a 56(ish) minute 10km - depending on just how "undulating" those hills are!

    I've also just entered the Hogs Back 8 so this is my warm up for that I have decided.

    How's everyone else feeling?

    Hegs x
  • Awesome - what a great run !!

    Hills, sand, sandy hills and 2 stiles - not a pb course, but fantastic all the same.

    Having to register and collect numbers on the day was a bit dull, as were 6 loos for ~1000 people, but that was soon forgotten when the run started. Good, supportive marshalling also.

    Good of the organisers to lay on fine weather.

    Thanks to all involved in the organisation.

  • Quality run, can't wait for the results to be published tomorrow.

    I think I ran about 56, which I'm quite happy with for my first 10K - I'm sure a couple of those minutes are due to the sandy hills towards the end...nor was the time helped by sewing maching leg going over the stile!

    Beautiful morning for it- hope those expecting a flat course were not too shocked at that first beauty up the mount....

    Agree with Richie about the marshalling, was very well done and felt very safe even on the main roads.

  • yes, couldn't agree more.
    i really enjpyed it and managed my sub-1hr (58 mins according to my watch) so v happy :o)
  • Hello all! Great run, really enjoyed it, even that awful hill after Piccards Farm!!But have to agree with Richie 2 in not enough toilets, bad registration organisation, but marshalls, scenery and general atmosphere, and of course, knowing that you were running for a great cause made up for it. Looking forward to next year's!!!
  • Just one question in case anybody knows. How will we be notified of the results? Will they be posted on here or on the CHASE website?
  • Go to all about triathlons, the results are up there.... along with a link to the photographs...hope yours are more flattering than mine!

    Delighted to find out I ran 54:37 and came 171st, but slightly confuced at the sixze of the field - I thought there were 1000 places but it seems only about 500 ran.

    Maybe the 1000 included the 4K as well
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