Let's moan about the AAA

This weekend I ran in a relay event in Stockport, which was a good event and enjoyable for various reasons.
The only problem was the officails.
I like to race with my MP3 player, as I am sure many others do. Whilst warming up I was asked if I intended to race with them in, I said yes, he said I would be disqualified, I said there was no need to be so officious, and another joined in quoting rules about needing to be able hear the marshalls.
I did not use them, but a friend in an earlier race did, and was told at the end she might be DQed, not the thing to say to someone who has just slogged their guts out for a club team.
There are two issues I have with this pettiness. As grown adults who have survived many years with headphones in 10k and longer races why is it not my responsibility to hear a marshall.
Second, if I was had a hearing problem and would not hear a marshall, would I be unable to race?
99.99% I think run and race because we enjoy it, and there are not many rules, why should AAA apply the rules of professionals to the likes of me, who will never run for GB and rarely for a club.

Whinge over. But I am sure the officials at road and fell races that I am used to, could give these track people some advice on why people run. If I was a child being treated in this way I would leave athletics. I have seen them in action at junior school events with no sense of who they are dealing with.

Definitely over. I have to get a life.


  • Moan about the AA?

    My car broke down last week and the b*****ds left me on the side of the M1 for 2 hrs.
  • Sorry if the marshalls did not give up their own time and helped to put on your relay then you wouldn't be able to run any race.

    I will get a life by thanking every marshall I see if my next race.
  • I had hoped that come the revolution these people would be first up against the wall -

    Have had many run ins with the AAA over various things over the years, adding levies to races, running unauthorised runners etc etc etc - the only saving grace is that they are all about 109 years old and can't be around much longer!
  • Suggest you don't do a tri then!

    BTA rules are the same and NO-ONE races with MP3 player and the like.

    Hearing problem? most use a hearing aid(allowed cos it does actualy help you hear peeps) or use a "hearing" runner.

    Sorry but the marshalls should be thanked not shouted at.
  • Dogs, religion and racing with Ipods. All guaranteed to polarise events.

    Dogs - they are okay
    Religion - I do not believe in it
    Ipods - no part in any race under any circumstances
  • SO my ordained mutt with an ipod may p8ss you off NT?
  • Does he wear a dog collar or is he from a more informal denomination?
  • "NO-ONE races with MP3 player and the like"

    you sure about that Taff?? saw a guy at the Vit running with his on.......

    I think some of the problem at tris is down to the race referee stating this fact - many do in the race briefing (assuming you get a race briefing that is!) but many don't.........

    personally I think they should be banned but equally I think the ban should be mentioned at either a race briefing, or at least in the race pack...........ignorance is then no excuse and you can't say you haven't been told............if you're not told then fair enuff - race at your own risk and peril..........
  • I ran in the same Stockport relay event on Saturday (I'm guessing there wasn't too many of them going on!), and the officials seemed pretty helpful to me. And I persuaded one of my friends to race without her ipod on Sunday . . . . :-)
  • FB
    Ok one or two will sneak through. As you say they resposiblity. If i have an accident invloveing a wearer I would be slightly p8ssed off.

    more informal denomintaion........Think i may export him to vegas.
  • I think the more 'serious' the race is then the less appropriate an Ipod is.

    It is against the rules and it can clearly be a danger. I've been in races with ambulances trying to get past runners who are oblivious to it as they're plugged in.

    Surely if you're racing for a club you should be aware of the rules ?
  • I instinctively dislike runners who run with MP3's attached.

    If you dont want to talk to anyone, stay in.
  • If you don't like the rules play a different game, But if you want to play, you have to play by the rules
  • Actually, I'll just qualify that. I can understand someone on a training run wearing one if for no other reason than to block out the hecklers.

    In a race environment however, it's just rude.
  • What about people like me?

    I'm a really slow runner. If I'm doing a marathon I'm going to be out there a long time, often on my own. I prefer to chat to other runners, but if I'm on my own my iPod helps me keep going. I switch it off if people are around or I'm in traffic, and I monitor my surroundings. Why should I be banned from using something which helps me and doesn't interfere with others?

    I'm obviously not a club runner, and I've never been told I can't use my iPod. Is it different for us plodders?
  • slo sho - youve misunderstood this one m8, its about the aaa road relays which is a competitive event between the top club runners, theyd never stop people using mp3 players in open marathons...

    The results arent on the noeaa website yet, does anyone have an idea who the top 3 clubs where?
  • Fair enough slo show. Wouldnt argue with that. Its the stare-ahead dont invade my space runners who think races are run for their own personal gratification that hack me off.

    Usually the same sort of tool who wears a Garmin in a race. There's a marker every kilometre/mile you feckwit!
  • Yumusak
    sometines there arent mile/km markers

    this is another can of worms--------
  • I think garmins are good if you have the cash and have just started out, but you should be able to judge your own pace after a while...
  • If there arent any mile markers, hipps, all the more reason to put "Eye of the Tiger" away and concentrate on where you're going. :-))
  • oh, i dont wear an ipod, i wouldnt dare(i like to hear the cars coming)

    but i do wear a garmin
  • its quite nice to have a record of the old splits after the race too
  • I wear a garmin for all my runs and races, no-one has called me a half-wit before and its not a nice thing to do. Garmins do not make you run any faster or slower they are just a tool that records your pace and time, they are not 100 percent accurate either but for mile/km splits they tend to be way more accurate than some of the markers in races.

  • Also I do run in races that have no mile/km markers.
  • Same here, wear a garmin that is and I've not been called half-wit either, I like to log my miles and routes. Do wear an mp3 occasionally for longer runs but not in races, I like the atmosphere.
  • any idea who took the medals in the mens senior race?
  • sprinting toffee, I get the point about the AAA road races, but No Toes said "Ipods - no part in any race under any circumstances" which I took to be making a wider point about all races...and which I felt to be a little harsh.
  • Happycat/Cinders. It is possible that you have been called half-wits before.

    You just wont have heard it.

  • Yum don't have an Ipod or any such music devise, hate the loud music in gyms so please get your facts right before making any comments about me or Cinders.

    But then again if you think that Garmins and Ipods perform the same function then I know you have no idea what you are talking about.

    and I find any jokes about hearing or lack of it to be in extremely bad taste as both my parents were profoundly deaf and I have heard much worse.
  • The reason that I stated that MP3's/IPods should not be used in any races is that it then makes it black and white so everyone knows what are the ground rules. I do take the point that on long runs it does get a bit lonely and that for some people they do get used to them.

    Is it not unlike stabilisers on a bicycle when you learn to ride? At some point you have to take them off and do it on your own?

    I ran a 5K recently and there were people wearing IPods. I mean, come on.
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