Football hooligans.....



  • Wouldn't dream of it TT, too busy looking after your hair eh?
  • One of the best things to do is confuse them.

    Last season at Southampton I was walking away from the ground after the game with my Argyle shirt on in full view. 3 lads around about 16 years old came up acting all 'ard and asked if I supported Argyle. I couldn't believe I had just been asked such a stupid question so answered, "No, I support Exeter mate. How did saints get on today?"

    You could see a wave of confusion hit all 3 at once.
  • I was once on a bus in Manchester wearing (with pride) my Ipswich scarf when some little scroat came up to me and declared "Bury are sh!te". I kind of looked stunned, flapped my mouth about like a dying goldfish and said "Yeah I know, that's why I've been supporting Ipswich for the past 10 years"

    Pies will you be at Argyle at Halloween?
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