My poor toes!

The boring bit, but it's background: I have several pairs of Saucony Trigon shoes, which I have always loved and always have in a size 7.5. Except one pair, the lightweights, which I got in a 7 coz that's all they had and my normal shoe is only a six anyway. I have worn these 7s for about 250 miles with no problems, but never more than about eight miles at a time.

the issue: On Sunday I wore them for a three-hour shuffle. No problems at all. Until Monday. And today my big toes STILL feel as though someone's attacked them with a hammer.

the question: There is no visible bruising. Have I got away with it, or could they still go black and eventually fall off?


  • Have a look at the base of the toenail - if there's a slight bluish or reddish tinge, they will go black. If there's nothing there, then you've probably got away with it.
  • Jj, Loz is right. It can take a while for the nail to actually turn black so I'm afraid that you might yet lose the nails. Mind you, the pain does not usually last more than a few days so hope that you will soon be more comfortable.
  • BUT - I've had a black big toe-nail twice that didn't fall off. I really had to go for it (2 marathons in 6 weeks) to get rid of the little blighters.

    Try ice cubes on top of your nails, until you can feel the cold in your toes.
  • It can take a few days for the nails to go black.

    Sometimes though they are just sore for a while and then get better, so you may be lucky.

  • Just paint them red you will not see them go black :-)
  • oh.

    Fank you. I fink.

    [peers at pretty li'l pink sparkly toenails in a worried sort of way]
  • There is a guy in work that got his two big toe nails off 6 weeks ago god you should see him walk .Looks like he has been too late at missed the toilet.

  • I'd lop the toes off. You'll save on nail varnish and pedicures, and have no probs squishing into a nice pair of Jimmy Choos.

    Small downside is that you'll walk like a penguin in them - but penguins seem to manage ?

  • Toe nails are overrated!

    I regularly lose 2 toenails on each foot even on short mileage (shoes fine, I just run funny I think).

    I now have an amazing array of dark-coloured nail polishes that mean I can live in denial.

    By the time they fall off a new one has grown underneath.

    Sorry not much help there. Mine don't go very black but I still lose them.
  • Jj,re hillrunner's comment - having toenails removed is a very different matter to losing them 'naturally'. I find that it takes several months for my nails to actually fall off and they are entirely painfree long before that.
  • Welcome to the club Jj
  • You see, it's all nice and fluffy until the BOYS come in.

  • Jj, I understand black nail polish is the colour of the upcoming season, so if they do go black you'll just be at the cutting edge of fashion.
  • I'll just paint a li'l yellow skull and crossbones on them!

  • oh - Pink, Slugsta and Hippo, we all crossposted! Not calling you boys. obviously.
  • <hands Jj the loppers>
  • Agree with Slugsta - about 3 months until they fall off

    Keep us posted ;-)
  • [takes loppers and looks very hard at various bits of Cougie]
  • Nice one Jj cut his !!!!!

    nails off !!!
  • <runs out of thread at great speed>
  • Of course you weren't callin us boys Jj, even though you and I were both referred to as males on Sunday!
  • [scratches bum and burps blokily]
  • Well, that'll help. I just dropped a lump of wood on my right big toe.

  • <peeks in>

    See - wouldnt have been a problem had you listened to me !
  • [lays about Cougie with lump of wood]
  • I once painted red a toe nail that had fallen off, stuck it back on with super glue, put on a pair of strppy sandels and went on a hot date with a new man.
    To my horror when I got home it had gone!!! hope it wasnt in his car,wonder why I didnt see him again???
  • heeheehee!

    Now then - they're just beginning to feel a little bit better. Still sore, but pushing them gently into the carpet doesn't make me squeak.

    Would it be silly to go for a run tomorrow?
  • hmph.
    I think it's a bit much, actually, when you've sold your toenails to the devil and they use toenails on the homepage and it's someone ELSE's toenails they use.

  • I lost my big toe nail this week took 8 months for it to fall off.

    i also had to pierce behind nail of 3 toes after Sundays race(red liquid) but it relieved the pain .
    i have lost around 6 toe nails no idea why as shoes are plenty big enough!!
    i do paint them so you cant notice when i have sandals on.
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • leopard's log. toedate, trauma plus seven.

    yesterday took the plunge and removed nail varnish. Left one's a bit bruised and was quite sore, right one very bruised (though not black) and almost too sore to apply enough pressure to remove varnish. The nail is being pushed off the bed by a big lumpy bit. Very hot and throbby and walking difficult. :o(

    This morning - not nearly so sore, but it's too dark in hre to see the bruising.
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