My dogs eat squirrels

Similar to the previous thread but a bit more serious.

Especially if the Parky Warden gets you.


  • My doberman/rottweiler cross has eaten car motor oil, razor blades, and light bulbs in the past. Now, he just sticks to Indian take aways and beer!

    He'd like to eat rabbits and squirrels but he's too fat and slow to catch them!
  • What a truely fantastic dog. Squirrels are evil - well, grey ones are!
  • Why would the parky warden complain??

    Grey Squirrels are vermin - there's a 50p per brush bounty round here. I shoot a couple of hundred a year in our woods.

    Horrible little destructive s@ds. The more he kills the better....

    Although the Hunting with Dogs Act forbids you to knowingly allow your dog to chase a squirrel out of your garden - it is allowed to kill one in a public place.

    They also make rather good eating (squirrels that is - not Parky Wardens).

    We quite often have squirrel stew.

  • I wish my cats ate squirrels. Above all I wish cats were really keen on eating slugs. Alternatively if squirrels ate slugs I would welome every squirrel to my garden.
  • Cheap way to feed the dog, and provides exercise opportunity too.
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