First cold of the season

Thanks to the Jigglets return to school I have a filthy cold. Nose running like a tap, sneezing non-stop, wet tissues in the pockets/ sleeves of all my clothes and eyes like boiled gooseberrie! Instead of just carrying on running (which is what I normally do if it's just a head cold) I am going to rest: I'll let you know if it works! Any comments welcome(!)


  • I don't have a cold cold, but have been unable to run for about 4 weeks due to a major virus.

    Are we alone do you think?

  • Yes, I would just want to carry on running.Fresh air being healthy and all that. Perhaps a brisk walk, deep breathing etc?!
  • R100 I think we must be!
    MTD I daren't. I've done that before and made myself really ill. Will do the walking when the body stops aching. x
  • I ended up in hospital with my virus getting checked out for Heart probs clots and things like that after chest pain in a run, not realizing I was ill (can happen)...

    Still at home with dodgy giddy ears and weird things like that. The really sad thing is I got a GPS from Poorly Feet about two weeks ago and it's still in the box!

  • (((R100))), How terrifying! Thank goodness you're OK (ish). What are you doing/can you do to speed your recovery. I guess not looking in the GPS box would be a start!
  • Thanks j

    I am feeling a bit better now and hope to hit the road here in Exeter in a week or two. I had enough of the heat anyway, and (for some strange reason) enjoy my running more when the leaves are coming of the trees and its a bit chilly!
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