Qualifying times

Being 48,lady, am i right in thinking I have to do a sub-3.45 to get a guaranteed qualification place? How long is this time valid for, 2 years is that right?
Looking at getting a qualifying time next year to enter FLM year after. The big 50 year!!


  • yes its sub 3.45,has to achieved within the last 2 years (anywhere) I missed it by 1 min 10 secs bum!!
  • dont forget you have the extra 59 seconds also. so it is actually 3:45:59 or under.
  • your bloody joking , that means I missed it by just 11 secs, even more annoying!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Thanks for that info. I'd rather not enter at all than miss by such a narrow margin! Better luck next time!!
    PS 4 paws are perhaps quicker!
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