Blisters from new trainers

I have bought a new pair of trainers and have managed three runs(5,8 and 14 miles) in them.
But I am struggling with a large blister, as I'm training for the FLM, should I continue training(16 mile run this weekend)or rest until it has healed and head for the gym and do bike/cross trainer to maintain fitness.
Your advice/experiences would be appeciated.


  • from experience, don't run in your new trainers until the blister has healed - otherwise you will endure painful runs that you can't enjoy.

    I had really bad blisters from some new air pegasus - the problem only went away after I let the blisters heal. I used compeeds and tape and now my arches have toughened up/got used to the new shoe everything is ok.

  • Hi, The advice given to me was to wear new trainers as slippers around the house first, then do 2 or 3 short runs before doing a long run. I too had huge blisters on my foot arch, the only thing that worked was to apply sergical spirit to my feet on to the blister. I would rest or use your old trainers for short runs before trying the new ones again.
    Best of luck!

  • I second what scooby loo said, having had the same experience. The only thing I would add is that even if this method worked for both of us does not mean it will for you too. Hope it does though.

    Good luck.

  • Go and get some Compeed - that will probably enable you to run with the blister.

    Can you go back to your old shoes though, and break the new in gently ?

  • If compeed does not work try zinc oxide tape and 2 pairs of normal (might have to be thin) running socks.

    But there is little point just running and making the blister unbearable, even if you have to do the FLM - imagine how bad it might be for the 26.2 miles!!

    Let it heal, try some of the suggestions to ease/protect the blister and then break the trainers in. Unfortunately, although not rocket science that's about the only way around this annoying problem.

    Good luck
  • Many thanks for all your suggestions, I think I'll take it easy and let it heal.
    Anyone recommend a good gym session to match a 16 mile run?
  • no gym, session copmparable to 16 miler.

    where is your blister? on the heel, on the base of foot, on the outside/inside edge, on a toe? the shape of the insoles could be the problem.

    post the location of your blisters and i'll be more able to help
  • The blister is on the arch and is the about the size of a 10p piece.
  • Cycling is obviously very good, although different to running. The good thing with biking is you can go out on a bike for a couple of hours fairly easily even if you're not a keen cyclist & will keep your stamina up.

    If you hate cycling & your gym does them, try a spin class, these can be a lot of fun, a lot more enjoyable than sitting on a bike in the gym.


  • try replacing the insoles of your new trainers with those of your old ones - it helped me.
  • Just read this thread with interest - I'm running in new trainers too, and having had a few problems with painful (but no blisters) arches, thought I'd made it but last night, after a six miler, I found i had not exactly blisters but a sore spot between my little toe and the next toe in, on both feet. Now I know what you're going to say - that the shoes are too tight, but I don't think they are - I can wiggle my toes up and down and even splay them quite happily (obviously the splaying technique is a personal idiosyncracy, but it's a test I use to see how tight shoes are in general!!). I don't really fancy taking tonight off as I'm planning to take tomorrow off to give my calf muscle a break before my long run on Saturday, but any suggestions to ease the sore points will be gratefully received.
  • take the insole out of your shoe.
    then place it on the bottom of your foot and see where the insole toutches the blister.
    if it's an unnessecary part, then you can cut it off, that should alleviate the blister.
  • just a thought - have u tried 1000mile socks? They are guaranteed against blisters (and wearing out) for 1000miles

  • Is that what they're called? 1000 mile socks? Or am I going to a laughing stock in the local SweatShop when I ask for them by that name?
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    genuinely called 1000 mile socks!
  • Work for me, but others do disagree.

    (search for the 1000mile sock thread on Gear)

    Idea is that they are double skinned and the skins rub against each other & not you.
  • I seem to be recovering (I hope!) from a marathon and dream of doing a 16 miler! The only thing that seems to come close, as wandering around a packed gym is horrendous, is doing lots and lots of lengths at the local swimming pool. You do feel quite tired afterwards, so it may be nearly the same!
  • I'm sitting here practically in tears, but also in anger. I've been running about 30 miles a week following the beginners programme for FLM. Running in an extremely comfortable pair of Nike Air Storm [2 year ago model], never had a blister in my life. As they're getting a bit knackered I went to a specialist running shop [who thought I was running in fashion shoes], got kitted out, bought some serious socks...

    so out I went today and you guessed it I've got a wopping blister that appeared at 5 miles, had to get home so now its a biggy. The expert shop didn't say anymore than wear them around the house.. [perhaps I should stick to JJB sports!!]

    what can anyone tell me about running them in? Am I foolish changing shoes so with only 6 weeks to go? how do I accelerate the mending of the blister? supposed to be do the 1/2FLM next Sunday

    Never having had a blister before I feel inclined to take the shoes back [saucony grid web 3d] and start again.

  • don't know - difficult one Ross
    but optimistically speaking - assuming the running shop people did know what they were on about and sold you a suitable pair for you then maybe this is a breaking-in thingy and you best persevere with your new ones

    ..but then again your Nikes would probably last another 6 (six?- help!) weeks and 26 miles so maybe stick with them

    I'm pretty sure that running in proper shoes is a good idea

    er so in conclusion - I'd persevere with the Sauconys for another week or two and keep running and then decide
  • Thanks for that, it seems like a tough call...I was crying not becasue of the pain but because I read enough to suggest that 'proper' shoes were the thing..and loook what happened..and only 6 weeks to go!

    Taken hints from the other threads and lanced it in the hope that it will heal better...less painful now but still the size of a 2 pence piece.

    Have you and others had a 'breaking in' thingy i.e. is it quite normal?

    Will have to see which are the less painful to wear in a couple of days before I decide which to wear on Sunday...
  • Ross,

    The explanation by the running shop should have been that the shoes you bought suit your feet/build/running style and the types of runs you do e.g. on pavement, grass etc.

    Presuming this advice is good I would keep the Saucony's, but would NOT wear them until after the FLM, presuming this is the biggy race you are mainly interested in.
    If you are not injured by wearing the old shoes and get no problems in running longer distances in them they use these for training & the race, while breaking in the others by wearing them as casual shoes or if you do a small 1-2 mile run.

    Good luck,
  • Thanks for the comments. Miserably went back to the running shop today and got refitted...bless em they felt that I'd got a size to big [saw the owner]and should have been told not to do a long run.

    So they fitted me with some Sacuony Trigold and took back the pair I'd had previously. Must say they're a lot more comfortable [higher round the ankle] and my faith in human's is restored...or is that runners...what a lovely man..even gave me a lesson about how to tie my laces!!

    All hints well appreciated, will try not to make the same mistake twice. Thanks to the how to fix a blister thread too...lanced it and put on new skin and the world seems a better place.

    Onwards and upwards..

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