Runners Knee Recovery Time

I have had an undiagnosed knee problem for the last 5 months on and off (mostly on). Both my knee click, a lot, although no pain is associated with the clicking. Also, it aches underneath my left kneecap, and sometimes my right knee suffers from an acute sharp pain (generally when I push too hard for a long period) to the lower outside of the knee.

The podiatrist said I over-pronate, so I have had orthotics made, and have changed from flexible, neutral shoes, to stability type asics.

I have just started doing some exercises prescrbed by a physio, including leg extensions (small range of motion, multi reps) and abbductor side raises. I am also wearing in my orthotics.

Has anyone else got over runners knee? The pain seems reduced to a niggle at the moment on my left knee, and my right knee had cleared up, but how long does complete recovery take, in anybodies experience?

Thanks in advance,


  • KK

    It's a bit like how long is a piece of string. Having suffered knee pain (self diagnosed as patellar tendonitis) for at least I would guess 6-8 weeks if you continue running and probably less if you rest.

    The most significant factor which I believe has helped to aid recovery has been elimination of high stress running e.g. intervals and downhill running.
  • Fairplay mate, it is a bit of a silly question, I will admit. Its just nice to hear that other people have indeed comoe out of the other side of the 'pain' so to speak...
  • RW May issue had an extensive article on knee pain, causes, symptoms, diagrams etc. If you haven't got a copy, email me and I'll send you one.

    But KK - I read somewhere you've only been running for a year and already run a 3hr marathon, all that success must come at a price, however small!
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    KK, I used to have the occasional niggle in my knees, however since starting leg extensions, etc I have not had any problems. Seems to strengthen all the parts which matter.
  • Drew, just what is that pic supposed to be?? Surely it's hard work running in such a heavy singlet and the hair must cause far too much wind resistance.
  • Yeah - but looks like he's carrying a sword to knock the heads off anyone who's trying to overtake him. D'you think he's getting a bit concerned that KK might be ready to take him on soon ? Oh how I love a good fight !
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Laura & SS, the photo was taken at the Inverness Highland games a few years ago. I was taking part in the Highland dancing competition. The sword in the picture is one of two that have been handed down my family through the years. Since the picture was taken I've had my hair cut as I wasn't running at that time.
  • I'm just a teensy bit suspicious you're having us on here, since there's an uncanny resemblance to Braveheart. Must get Blue Knees to enlarge your face a bit, either way you look pretty damn romantic!
  • I had runner's knee. Bought myself a new pair of running shoes that absorbed shock and went swimming instead of running for about a week.
    Then I cross trained by jogging/walking a short distance on the treadmill and using a rowing machine, then I went back to running after about 3 weeks.
    Runner's knee was so painful. I don't want it again.

    I presume the recovery time is different for different people, so judge it for yourself. There's no way I could have run on it in the first week.
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