Cramp in one leg only....

For some reason, I've been experiencing cramp and tightness in one leg only. It's mainly focused on the calf and hamstring areas, and is particularly vulnerable to tightening when feeling a bit tired & run down.

Given that I've recently swapped commuting by train to driving to work, I suspect that the brake & gas pedal actions are to blame, and I've got "weak" muscles here.

Any other suggestions to the cause, and comments how to stop this from happening are gratefully received.



  • Paul,

    I have been getting pain in my right leg for a while so I saw a physio. She said that it was because I spend too long in a car and that my driving position was causing my muscles to trap my sciatic nerve (in my back). I also get cramp frequently in my right leg only and she thinks this might also be the cause.

    Solution: Try to drive less (can you lift share maybe?), and stretch out the muscles when you get out of the car. She has given me some exercises to strenghen my lower back and stretch the hip flexor and glutes.

    Hopefully you can sort your problem out before it gets as bad as mine!
  • Thanks for the response - as suspected....!

    Trust that you're better soon!
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