Gait Analysis Location in NW?


I am looking for somewhere in NW England (i live in W Cumbria) where i can get Gait Analysis done?

All help appreciated.


  • Keith,

    You just missed Asics at Pete Blands in Kendal on saturday. Their road show was in the shop.

    I used to live down south in manchester and Up and Running in the triagle in the town centre do gait ananlysis. Also Sweatshop in Chorley do it. They have the adidas foot bed computer gismo as well as very helpful staff. Just off the M61 near botany bay. Not sure of anywhere else up here that offers the same service.
  • Bugger

    Was considering a trip out somewhere on saturday but i knew i was out early afternoon and ythe Ryder Cup was on.

    I go to Manchester quite often for the football so i might be able to call in this saturday if i go down early enough.

    Probably somewhere in Newcastle too i guess. I know there is one place down at my parents in Exeter.
  • i was going to suggest a university witha sporting department, they sometimes do it.

    however, check the asics and the adidas pages, and they will help, adidas do footstrike thingy if im correct, and they must have a list of sites on their site.

    also check the up and running website, link on the right of this page, they have some stores with a treadmill and camera and laptop set up in them for gait analysis. be warned though, it's difficult to get gait analysis dont instore and not buy something before leaving...
  • Ta Phil

    Not worried about leaving the store after buying something as i need a nice new pair of shoes.
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