Great Langdale full and 1/2 marathon

Right, who else is up for this spectacular but hilly race?
It was a toss-up between this and the Lancaster 1/2 and I've decided on this one, my reasoning going something like this:
Upside: Because I train a lot on hills I'll have a relative advantage over the rest of the field.
Downside: the rest of the field most likely consists of die-hards from the local fell running clubs.
The course record for the full and half is 2.51/1.13 so that gives you some idea of what it's like.
Go on, you know you want a weekend in the Lakes!


  • Sorry LL but I am going to Scotland that weekend for the Great Scottish Run a very flat 13.1 miles.
  • Is it likely to be possible to get an entry on the day? According to the event diary the entry limit is only 500. It's tempting though - having lived in the Lakes for a year I'm really finding it hard to adjust to 'concrete jungle' running.
  • Slowboy, entries are possible on the day if there are spare places; the details specify a limit of 500, but don't know how popular it is.
    It's only £8 and that includes a T-shirt, and as far away from a concrete jungle as can be imagined.

    SB, sorry you can't make it when you're in the UK. I was quite tempted by the Great Scottish Run but it'd be a long day out so...Are you seeing Drew there?
  • A bit too far for me to travel Laura. Good luck though!
  • OK LL, I'm convinced, I've posted an entry form.

    From what I remember of the terrain around Langdale I guess a pb isn't on the cards?? ;)
  • Laura, I promise to come and eat your dust in a race in the Lake District sometime. Meanwhile, I shall be thinking of you scampering up and down the hills while I potter round a nice flat 5-mile race round the roads near Aldridge on the same day before picking up Kevin the Teenager, who will be doing her first 2-mile fun run.
  • Good stuff Slowboy, I'll post my race number when I get it. PB - not likely!

    Something weird is happening - several of my replies haven't registered even though I'm sure I hit the submit button. Could be my alter ego saying : 'what the hell are you doing wasting time on here when you should be filling in your self-assessment form'.

    Vrap, please do. Coniston 14 is a great race (March), and another good place for a weekend in the Lakes. I'll be promoting it nearer the time on the forum.
  • Got my race number - 273, and a sheet of strangest race details I've ever seen, 2 sides of handwritten notes along the lines of 'Cry God for Harry! Langdale, and Saint Rod' (Henry V Act 3 Scene 1.1).'

  • Hmm, yes, I suspect the organiser is either;

    - an english teacher
    - an amateur thespian
    - barking mad

    or possibly all three. Excellent! Should make for an amusing day.
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