• That explains everything Wilkie, maybe I should find someone as well, although I did read that you shouldnt clean windows because the birds will fly into them and die..... birds or light, birds or light, decisions decisions :o)

  • Birds fly into them anyway - but they don't die.

    I've seen a wood pigeon fly into a window, then just fly off again. It left a perfect pigeon-print on the glass (it's the dust from the feathers, so I'm told).

    There are trees all around my flat, and one year blackbirds nested close by. The young birds kept flying into the windows, but they didn't seem to hurt themselves.

    It made the windows even dirtier, though.
  • you should paint images of birds of prey and cats on your windows...that'll stop them flying into them. Won't do much for the light tho.
  • Remember not to use a lawn mower barefoot, you wouldn't want to take your toes off!
  • My cousin managed to cut her toe off with a lawn mower even though she was wearing wellies.
  • Which reminds me - a few years back, a neighbour managed to lose his finger in a lawnmower. It was still whirling as he tried to fish out a twig. You can guess the rest.

    I heard the commotion and went outside ... just as his partner was leaning over the fence to retrieve a mangled part of his missing digit from my garden. I'm glad she saw it first.
  • Any more missing digit stories out there?
  • My mums next door neighbour was cutting wood on a bench with electric saw. Holding wood with one hand, leccy saw in the other hand, saw whizzed along straight through the wood and 3 digits. They found 2 straight away, not sure when or if they found the third one.
  • I once drilled straight through my hand haha was drilling a hole in a door for a cupboard knob, it was a bit tough at first so had my hand pushing against the door behind the drill, then blow me I hit soft wood and the drill shot straight through and came out the other side of my hand, to say it was painful is an understatement and of course I had to put the drill in reverse to unpin my hand from the door!!. But hey I'm ok now.. Anyway getting back to the question..

    I have a sloped lawn out back with steps leading up to it and as I m getting on a bit, and my hand still suffers from the effect of being pinned to a wardrobe door, was looking into the options. I have now bought a cordless lawn mower as they are much lighter for lifting and no leads to be looking out for. The one I have chosen is self propelled so does well on the slope. Its a new bit of kit on the market from Warrior Eco Power Equipment, I have used the same company for winches and generators in the past so know the stuff they sell is good quality and the service team are always on hand. They also do a range of cordless garden tools including grass strimmer, Hedge Trimmer, Leaf blower and chainsaw. Great thing being the same battery fits all.
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