Go to www.raceforlife.co.uk
for details of this years races.

In case you don't know, the RFL series are women only 5ks, which you can walk or run, held to raise money for womens cancers. Always good fun and a for a good cause. Ideal for beginners.

(and no I don't work for them!)


  • Could well be Mrs P's first race.....
  • EVERY lady runner should run the RFL, they are fanstastic - steady 5K with menfolk cheering and clapping, very encouraging. I ran the Huddersfield one last June. It was my first ever race and I cried nearly all the way round reading the messages on peoples back! I am now doing the London Marathon so just shows how a bit of support gets you going!
  • Same for me too Pat. RFL last year was my first ever race, 3 months after starting running, and this year it's FLM!
  • and you can walk if you cant run, loads do
  • Hiya FGS - I also always do them and get all my mates to join too. (I usually use the "male helpers" as motivation for them).
    You're right about the messages though, there is hardly anyone who hasn't been directly affected by cancer.
    Really sad but makes you realise life is to be lived to the full :-)
    Run on...
  • Wow, thats service for you. I got my running number today. I'm running at Kempton, and would you believe, I'm number 3. You can imagine the faces of people looking me up and down thinking to themselves "well she doesn't look like an elite athlete", ha, ha, and they'd be right. Mind you, its taking off slowly at the moment. Last time I looked there were only 4 people entered :-)
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