Oh so itchy!

I started to feel itchy on Monday evening and I’d developed a rash on Tuesday morning. It’s just a red mottling, mainly on my neck, chest, stomach and back. I’ve taken some anti-histamines and pharmacist has given me some anti-hist. cream but had a v. bad night’s sleep, just too itchy!!!

So, I have some questions. The first is how do I work out what’s caused it? I’ve not started using any new shower gel, washing powder etc. but is it possible to suddenly become allergic to something you’ve used before? Or is it possibly a reaction to something I’ve eaten? How long does it normally take to react i.e. is it going to be something that happened on Monday that’s going to be the problem?

Last question, is there anything else I can try to stop the itchiness? It’s driving me mad and as I have to work this weekend I can’t even take the anti-histamines that send me to sleep.

Any advice/sympathy gratefully received!

Itchy ginger kitten :-(


  • er-havent you been given non sedative anti histamines?

    unfortunately-this is a shitty problem which can be really difficult to pinpoint a cause for

    Big sympathy
  • cause is tricky, it can be anything even stuff you are used to because

    a) it depends on what chemicals they have usedd to spray teh veges make the shampoo etc and these can change, eg even washing powders change their enzymes without telling anyone
    b) you can become senstised through a cut or sonme such to chemicals that before had no reaction
    c) you could be reacting to environmental stuff beyond your control eg farmers sprays, cleaning substances in the office.

    Take your antihistamines as Hippo says and keep the skin as cool as you can
  • Could it be a skin infection? I once had an infection that spead over my whole upper body within a day or two. It was red and ichy and the skin started to flake after a few days.

    The doctor gave me some cream that cleared in up in a week and it hasn't come back.
  • Thanks for the responses, guys.

    Hippo, I take Loratadine for hayfever which don't make me too sleepy. But I know Zirtek tend to knock me out so I was thinking of taking one of these if it doesn't sort itself out by next week and I still can't sleep.

    Think I will just have to tough it out for the rest of the week and see my doctor if it's still a problem next week.

    I'll try a cool bath tonight before I go to bed. Wonder if I've made it worse by running yesterday and getting hot and sweaty? Any excuse to skive off the gym!

    Cheers, everyone :-)
  • Poor kitten!

    Anything that makes you hot causes more histamine to be released and will make the itching worse.
  • How are you feeling? have you had the measles (or the jab against it) ??

    I say this because I had exactly the same sort of rash once.

    I felt fine at first, and when it got worse instead of better went to the docs.

    Took one look at me and sent me home "You've got measles"

    "But I don't feel ill"

    "You will"

    And I did - about 12 hours later.
  • Don't think it's measles and I had this as a child. Seriously hope I haven't caught it again, last time I had to spend a week in bed with the curtains drawn and no lights! And I missed by birthday party... :-(

    FR you have my sympathy as these things are always much worse as an adult.

    Don't feel too bad, just v. itchy and a bit tired. Pretty certain it's just an allergy as I had something similar a few years back which turned out to be an allergy to suntan lotion. Will try and keep as cool as possible now.

    Thanks again!
  • You have my sympathy nemo. Every so often my skin erupts into a rash (not quite as extensive as yours though) for no apparent reason.

    It's absolute misery, isn't it ... a constant crawling itch.
    I would sit with bags of frozen peas etc on patches of rash to get some relief, but I guess that's not so convenient if it covers your chest and back.

    I carry around a wee tube of Betnovate cream (prescription only) and it's great stuff, but I don't think it's advisable to use it over large areas of the body.

    Hope you feel better soon.
  • Isn't it awful when you can't stop scratching. I'm sure peeple are wondering if I have fleas!!! I may try the frozen peas method as I have some stashed in the freezer for running injuries.

    Can't see my doctor until Tuesday, surely it must have cleared up by then?!?
  • should have
  • Thanks for the frozen peas tip Wee Stumpy, it really works!

  • Interesting you have now got a kitten as your piccy. Is that a new addition?
  • No, he's been with me for a few years and is now a chunky ginger tom. I think I am slightly allergic to him though as I notice if I pick him up after being away for a few days he does make my face itchy. Hope that isn't the cause, wouldn't like to have to choose between my cat and my health!

    And I'd have to find a new forum picture ;-)
  • cat dander is very allergenic
  • Update!

    Went to see my doctor yesterday and the good news is that it isn't an allergy - I actually have the Parvo virus. Bad news is that there isn't any treatment for it so I just have to wait for the rash to go by itself.

    Sigh - still itchy :-(

    But at least I don't have to say goodbye to my cats :-)
  • BOING!

    Does anyone know how long Parvo virus might last? Still really itchy and it's starting to get to me.

  • Parvo - two weeks at the most
  • Cheers cabletow - just 2 days to go!

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