Post Op - TVT

Have just had gynae surgery and had TVT fitted and am keen to find out if anyone else has had it done and if so how long did it take you to get back out and running again?? Have been told by consultant that I can't lift ANYTHING or do any exercise for 4 weeks!!! How will I cope LOL! Can't wait to find out if it's all been worth it though.....


  • Err, what's a TVT?
  • Tension-Free Vaginal Tape

    used to hold up the neck of the bladder and help stress incontinence

    it is advisable to avoid heavy lifting or straining for about two weeks.

    It should be possible to return to work after two to four weeks depending on the nature of the job.

    Sexual intercourse should be avoided for around four to six weeks to allow the vagina to heal properly - this should be completely back to normal well before six weeks.

    During the time the stitches are dissolving, there may be some discharge or even small pieces of suture coming away. This is normal so there is no need to worry.

    Another appointment will be made at around six weeks and if all is well the patient will be discharged. Most surgeons will advise avoid running till then but I am not sure if this is based on science or "what we always do". V-rap any better knowledge?

    As an aside isnt it always crazy how we male docs assume female docs know more about these sorts of things, apologies V-rap for being sexist
  • Had a small gynae op myself last week and was told not to do any lifting or hoovering for a week (was, to my surprise, signed off work) and told not to do any strenuous exercise/sex/swimming for a month. On top of an injury which had already side-lined me was feeling rather fed up at the prospect of a longer than expected lay-off but trying to look at it as a chance to let my body have a much-needed break from the six days a week training. Had been told that I could try to get back to exercise after a couple of weeks but wound appears to be infected so looks like it might be the full month. But c'est la vie. No point pushing it.

    The month will fly by and sure it'll all be worth it in the end!!
  • thanks cabletow, wish you'd been my doc! They told me none of that! I sneezed today and it was wonderful LOL! Think I definitely made the right decision to get it done!
  • Having worked on a gynae ward we do tell patients to take things very easy post-op. Not sure about running but I would play safe myself and not start exercise until recommended as I have seen women who have had to have ir re-done as they did too much too soon.
  • Post op update!!! Been 5 weeks and .........WWWWOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!! I truly cannot even begin to tell you how fantastic this op has been for me! I have had a ritual burning of Tena Lady in the garden....I have my freedom back!!!

    I started running again this week and I am amazed, astounded, gobsmacked at the difference.

    Any of you girlies experiencing this horrible problem - go to the doc now and get the op, you won't regret it!

  • Glad you are feeling on top og the world Mrs WW!
  • That's brilliant news - as a nurse its great to hear that people have got their lives back.
  • Had tvt surgery 2 days ago, still uncomfortable but excited to see what difference this makes and can't wait to run again!
  • I'm alright with running, it's just bouncing on the trampoline I struggle with.....

    The kids just accept that I have to get off after 10 bounces and I tell them it was having them that did it image

    Mrs Wiggle Wobble, so pleased for you. Can't get the picture of a ritual burnining of Tena ladies out of my head. Tee Hee!
  • Been 12 weeks since I had this surgery aswell as hysterectomy & posterior & anterior prolapse repair! Have been running but now back on lots of pain relief, antibiotics and possibly needing more surgery? As my tvt sling is causing lots of aggravation, my bladder has become extremely over active (even more than prior to surgery) and very tender to touch! Can't say its ever hurt after running but I'm doubled up after sitting for any period of time!! Feeling q down as made sure I did nothing for 1st 6 weeks as advised, and built my running back up but believe my sling has been an issue since day 1! All my other surgery has healed beautifully!

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